How To Spell arbitrations?

Correct spelling: arbitrations

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What are the usage examples for arbitrations?

  1. He never went abroad when there was to be a meeting of the Senate; but afterwards when Pompeius saw that Cato could not be prevailed upon, and could never be brought to comply with the unjust measures on which he was intent, he used to contrive to engage him in giving his aid to some friend in a matter before the courts, or in arbitrations or in discharging some business. – Plutarch's Lives Volume III. by Plutarch
  2. The news of various strikes and industrial arbitrations which it contained had already enraged him; and enraged him again as he looked through it. – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. He agreed entirely that no principle was established by the treaty, but that the throwing of dice or drawing of lots was not a new invention on that occasion, but a not uncommon method in arbitrations – Memoir of John Lothrop Motley, Complete by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Last Updated: February 6, 2009

What are the rhymes for arbitrations?

  1. nations, stations, patients, haitians;
  2. gyrations, ovations, translations, quotations, frustrations, formations, vocations, temptations, carnations, vibrations, croatians, sensations, notations, privations, rotations, mutations, plantations, gradations, donations, relations, orations, citations, creations, migrations, dalmatians, castrations, durations, vacations, foundations, flirtations, locations, crustaceans, impatiens;
  3. oscillations, perforations, generations, fabrications, desecrations, appalachians, circulations, incarnations, correlations, consolations, designations, allocations, dislocations, infestations, invitations, implications, inspirations, destinations, duplications, occupations, stipulations, reservations, obligations, graduations, orchestrations, accusations, combinations, registrations, proclamations, condemnations, irritations, depredations, malformations, intimations, alterations, valuations, hesitations, allegations, expirations, resignations, presentations, consultations, confrontations, corporations, limitations, litigations, computations, illustrations, conjugations, estimations, restorations, animations, populations, altercations, complications, medications, relocations, degradations, palpitations, federations, detonations, demonstrations, calculations, machinations, conversations, visitations, fluctuations, terminations, celebrations, confirmations, transformations, appellations, recitations, meditations, reparations, consecrations, demarcations, speculations, cancellations, variations, compensations, observations, permutations, revelations, regulations, preparations, vaccinations, connotations, aberrations, perturbations, integrations, annotations, reputations, emanations, protestations, tabulations, imitations, expectations, elevations, explanations, ruminations, adaptations, lacerations, explorations, exclamations, deviations, declarations, violations, deprivations, excavations, nominations, motivations, aspirations, delegations, applications, educations, formulations, realizations, indications, amputations, deportations, decorations, situations, liquidations, syndications, compilations, publications, separations, concentrations, innovations, ministrations, operations, simulations, tribulations, congregations, constellations, affirmations, installations, inclinations;
  4. miscalculations, civilizations, representations, hallucinations, associations, immunizations, humiliations, expropriations, recriminations, discolorations, classifications, investigations, exaggerations, accumulations, orientations, anticipations, appropriations, denunciations, pronunciations, originations, collaborations, solicitations, improvisations, preoccupations, reverberations, deliberations, determinations, clarifications, magnifications, authorizations, modifications, configurations, commemorations, insinuations, interpretations, ramifications, inaugurations, negotiations, approximations, mobilizations, communications, dramatizations, participations, abbreviations, notifications, manipulations, considerations, imaginations, inoculations, privatizations, manifestations, assassinations, justifications, sterilizations, accreditations, evaluations, specifications, evacuations, eliminations, recommendations, decapitations, incorporations, consolidations, accommodations, affiliations, interrogations, qualifications, denominations, examinations, congratulations, depreciations, administrations, organizations, certifications;
  5. reorganizations, identifications, characterizations, renegotiations, hospitalizations, capitalizations, generalizations, misrepresentations, reconciliations, rationalizations;
  6. telecommunications;