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Correct spelling: archives

Common misspellings for archives:

arcives, achives.


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This graph shows how "archives" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for archives:

  1. Registrations such as " Ibbota filia Adam," or " Robert filius Ibote," are of frequent occurrence in the county archives –  by
  2. The author had the advantage of all the resources for throwing light on his history which the archives of France, then at the disposal of Napoleon, who had a high admiration for the English general, could afford; but it could hardly be expected that, till national historians of adequate capacity for the task had appeared, it was to be properly discharged by foreigners. –  by
  3. The publication of the French archives has done for both men what they could not do for themselves, and though the treatment accorded Silas Deane by Congress drove him to such despondency that he subsequently lost faith in the American cause, no shadow rests upon the patriotism which inspired his early efforts in that cause. –  by