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Correct spelling: Ariana


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Ariana \a-ria-na\

Ariana as a girl's name is pronounced ar-ee-AH-nah. It is of Welsh origin, and the meaning of Ariana is "silver". Also the simplified Italian variant of Ariadne. Political commentator Arianna Stassinopolous.
Oriana, Arina, Aryana, Auriana, Iriana.
Ariane, Arianna, Aryonna, Arianne, Arieana, Arionna, Arriana.

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Examples of usage for Ariana:

  1. This occurs in the coins of Macedonian and other Indianized kings of Bactria, and is best studied in the " Ariana Antiqua," of Wilson. "The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies" , Robert Gordon Latham.
  2. Accordingly he must proceed along the base of Mount Ariana, then turn to the left to avoid the mouths of the Macaras, and come straight to the bridge. "Salammbo" , Gustave Flaubert.
  3. When day broke they were in the Ariana Mountains, at the spot where the road makes a bend. "Salammbo" , Gustave Flaubert.

Rhymes for Ariana:

  1. adriana, andriana, arianna, christiana, christianna, georgiana, gloriana, ileana, indiana, juliana, liliana, lilliana, mariana, mexicana, nelliana, oriana, pollyanna, susquehanna, tatiana, texarkana, tramontana, tropicana, viviana.
  2. alana, aldana, amana, arcana, arlana, atlanta, avana, banana, bandana, briana, brianna, cabana, campana, deana, deanna, diana, dianna, duana, dulciana, dyana, edana, fontana, gitana, haldana, havana, joanna, johanna, jordana, lantana, levana, louanna, luana, luwana, montana, morgana, nolana, oksana, philana, piano, quintana, rexana, rohana, rosanna, roxana, roxanna, santana, savanna, savannah, solana, stevana, susanna, susannah, suzanna, sylvana, triana, urbana, viana, zorana.
  3. americana, dominicana, louisiana.
  4. ana, anna, branna, cana, chana, danna, flanna, ghana, grana, hana, hanna, hannah, jana, janna, kana, lana, lanna, manna, nana, nanna, rana, sanna, santa, shana, vana, vanna.
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