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Correct spelling: arouse

Definition of arouse:

  1. To wake up; to stir up; to excite.

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This graph shows how "arouse" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for arouse:

  1. Once more I will arouse my father- in- law. –  by
  2. The beauty of the birds, their sweet music, the companionship which they afford, and, last but not least, their great value to the farmer and fruit grower, should arouse our earnest efforts in their behalf. –  by
  3. We are, from this very moment, at your disposal; only I pray that you will make no more disturbance than is necessary, and, if possible, arouse no suspicions you can not back up by facts. –  by

Rhymes for arouse:

  1. browse, cows, rouse, taos, chows, bows, vows, brows, aus, thous, clowes, mows, wows, prows, boughs;
  2. carouse, espouse, endows, allows, avows;