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How To Spell arrangement?

Correct spelling: arrangement

What are the misspellings for arrangement ?

  • arrengement,
  • arriangements,
  • arrangmnets,
  • anargument,
  • arrguement,
  • arrangemenets,
  • arrongant,
  • arrangementes,
  • agreegment,
  • arragnement,
  • arrangmeent,
  • arranagments,
  • derrangement,
  • arrangemet,
  • arrangmnet,
  • araingement,
  • arrangened,
  • arangenet,
  • arranment,
  • arangemnets,
  • announcmenet,
  • couragement,
  • arrangmanet,
  • arangments,
  • arengement,
  • arraingement,
  • arreangement,
  • arregement,
  • enragement,
  • arrangmenet,
  • arrrangements,
  • arranement,
  • arrangeemnts,
  • arrnagement,
  • arrangemetns,
  • arugement,
  • arrengements,
  • arengments,
  • arrgement,
  • mamangment,
  • infrindgement,
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  • arrangrments,
  • araingment,
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  • arraingements,
  • maganagement,
  • assisngment,
  • assngment,
  • arrangemants,
  • arengements,
  • aragement.

What is the definition of arrangement?

  1. an orderly grouping (of things or persons) considered as a unit; the result of arranging; "a flower arrangement"

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What are the quotes for arrangement?

  1. In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech.
  2. It's a very organic process, and it has a specific order to it. I love to write, and once you've written, then you arrange. After the arrangement, you record it, and then you tour it.
  3. The effect of sailing is produced by a judicious arrangement of the sails to the direction of the wind.
  4. The problem of social organization is how to set up an arrangement under which greed will do the least harm, capitalism is that kind of a system.
  5. In garden arrangement, as in all other kinds of decorative work, one has not only to acquire a knowledge of what to do, but also to gain some wisdom in perceiving what it is well to let alone.

What are the rhymes for arrangement?

  1. estrangement;
  2. rearrangement;

What are the translations for arrangement?

Afrikaans word for Arrangement


Arabic word for Arrangement


Bengali word for Arrangement


Chinese words for Arrangement

做法, (乐曲的)改编.

Dutch words for Arrangement

indeling, opstelling, geheel, regeling, overeenkomst, afspraak, ordening, inrichting, rangschikking, schikking, akkoord.

French words for Arrangement

dispositif, accord, entente, agencement, construction, concordat.

German words for Arrangement

Regelung, Aufstellung, Plan, Anlage, Verabredung, Einrichtung, Planung, Anordnung, Gliederung, Gestaltung, Verteilung, Ordnung, Ausrichtung, Zusammenstellung, Vermittlung, Disposition, Ausgestaltung, Vereinbarung, Orden, Bearbeitung, Vergleich, Einteilung, Arrangement, Absprache, Abmachung, Vorbereitung, Reservierung.

Greek word for Arrangement


Italian word for Arrangement


Japanese words for Arrangement

手配, 配列, 編曲, 協定, 手はず, 仕組み, 仕組, 申し合わせ, 整え, 寸法, てはず, しくみ, 排列, 飾付, 按排, きまり, もうしあわせ, 並べ方, 申合せ, やくそく, スタンバイ, 飾り付け, へいれつ, 宛い, はからい, てはい, 取り計らい, へんきょく, 取計らい, すんぽう, よてい, 極り, ふち, きょうてい, かざりつけ, あんばい, さだめ, はいごう, 布置, せいり, とりはからい, ならべかた.

Javanese word for Arrangement


Malay word for Arrangement


Polish words for Arrangement

układ, umiejscowienie, ustalenie, przygotowanie, ustawienie, rozmieszczenie, aranżacja, ułożenie, uporządkowanie, rozmieszczanie, ustawianie, rozplanowanie.

Portuguese words for Arrangement

acordo, compromisso, convênio, arranjo, entendimento, modalidade, acerto, estruturação, concordata, fórmula.

Romanian word for Arrangement


Russian words for Arrangement

механизм, расположение, договорённость, обустройство, расстановка, аранжировка, уговор, приготовления.

Spanish words for Arrangement

esquema, trato, acuerdo, dispositivo, arreglo, colocación, contrato, pacto, modalidad, mecanismo, ordenación.

Swedish word for Arrangement


Turkish word for Arrangement


Ukrainian word for Arrangement


Vietnamese word for Arrangement

sự thu xếp.