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Correct spelling: artist

Definition of artist:

  1. One who professes and practises one of the fine arts.

Common misspellings for artist:

artisis, artista, artis.


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Examples of usage for artist:

  1. Artist artificer and artisan are all from the root of art, but artist holds to the esthetic sense, while artificer and artisan follow the mechanical or industrial sense of the word ( see ART under SCIENCE). Artist thus comes only into accidental association with the other words of this group, not being a synonym of any one of them and having practically no synonym of its own. The work of the artist is creative; that of the artisan mechanical. The man who paints a beautiful picture is an artist the man who makes pin- heads all day is an artisan. The artificer is between the two, putting more thought, intelligence, and taste into his work than the artisan, but less of the idealizing, creative power than the artist The sculptor, shaping his model in clay, is artificer, as well as artist patient artisans, working simply by rule and scale, chisel and polish the stone. The man who constructs anything by mere routine and rule is a mechanic. The man whose work involves thought, skill, and constructive power is an artificer. The hod- carrier is a laborer; the bricklayer is a mechanic; the master mason is an artificer. Those who operate machinery nearly self- acting are operatives. –  by
  2. A voice said behind us,- " They say she'll be the greatest artist of the times!" – To-morrow? by Victoria Cross
  3. Take, for instance, the case of the artist – The Law and the Word by Thomas Troward

Quotes for artist:

  1. My parents always saw me as an artist, and that greatly influenced me.
  2. One of the things I want to do as an artist is to connect generations.
  3. My mother was an artist and highly strung, whereas my father was much calmer.
  4. I wasn't allowed to grow as an artist. My albums were nicer to look at than to listen to.
  5. Cultural confinement takes place when a curator imposes his own limits on an art exhibition, rather than asking an artist to set his limits.

Rhymes for artist:

  1. smartest;