How To Spell ascertain?

Correct spelling: ascertain

What is the definition of ascertain?

  1. learn or discover with certainty

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What are the rhymes for ascertain?

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  2. amain, allain, alane, alayne, again, abstain, alain, alaine;
  3. aquitaine, inhumane, entertain;
  4. legerdemain;

What are the translations for ascertain?

Afrikaans word for Ascertain


Bengali word for Ascertain

নিরূপণ করা.

Chinese words for Ascertain

查明, 验明, 判明, 推索, > 查明.

French words for Ascertain

constater, cerner, confirmer.

German words for Ascertain

bestimmen, ermitteln, feststellen, herausfinden, erkunden, erheben, sich vergewissern.

Greek word for Ascertain


Hindi word for Ascertain

पता लगाना.

Italian word for Ascertain


Japanese words for Ascertain

突き止める, 確かめる, 慥かめる, 聞きただす, 糺す, たしかめる, 聞き糺す, 見届ける, みとどける, ききただす, 糾す.

Javanese word for Ascertain


Korean word for Ascertain


Malay word for Ascertain


Marathi word for Ascertain

खात्री करणे.

Norwegian word for Ascertain


Polish word for Ascertain


Portuguese words for Ascertain

assegurar, conhecer, descobrir, avaliar, checar, apurar, comprovar, aferir.

Romanian word for Ascertain


Spanish words for Ascertain

establecer, evaluar, investigar, comprobar, verificar, averiguar, determinar, apreciar, cerciorarse, asegurarse, certificar, precisar, confirmar, constatar, indagar.

Swedish word for Ascertain


Tamil word for Ascertain


Turkish word for Ascertain


Ukrainian word for Ascertain


Vietnamese word for Ascertain

xác định.