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How To Spell Ascribed?

Correct spelling: Ascribed

List of misspellings for Ascribed:

  • discriebed,
  • asfribed,
  • aescribed,
  • ascibed,
  • ascreibed,
  • aecribed,
  • sescribed,
  • asvribed,
  • ascxribed,
  • ascrobed,
  • wscribed,
  • asdribed,
  • asc4ibed,
  • asxribed,
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  • asfcribed,
  • astrobright,
  • ascribdd,
  • ascrfibed,
  • unscribed,
  • asecret,
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  • ascfibed,
  • asecribed,
  • ascoribc,
  • dscribed,
  • aszcribed,
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  • adscribed,
  • ascribwd,
  • ascrived,
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  • qascribed.

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Examples of usage for Ascribed:

  1. Most of the virtues ascribed to mineral waters or springs are due, however, to their pure water, and its cleansing effects internally and externally when freely used. – A Handbook of Health by Woods Hutchinson

Translations for Ascribed:

French words for Ascribed

attribuée, imputable, attribuable, imputé.

Spanish words for Ascribed

atribuidos, atribuida, atribuido, adscrita, adjudicada.