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What are the rhymes for attack?

  1. pak, shaq, dack, smack, pack, jac, paque, tack, trac, flack, mac, caq, trak, sak, stac, track, brack, sac, lack, rak, ack, rack, slack, crack, zak, plaque, stack, hack, yack, shack, sack, braque, black, tak, cac, yak, tac, lac, unpack, flak, wrack, dac, zack, akc, lak, clack, plack, mak, knack, pac, mack, back, zach, snack, haq, brac, jack, bak, wack, spak, fac, whack, nack, quack;
  2. repack, knick-knack, arrack, aback;
  3. dak;

What are the translations for attack?

Arabic word for Attack


Bengali word for Attack

আয়ের সংযুক্তি.

Chinese words for Attack

攻, 袭击, 抨, 攻伐, 冲打.

Dutch words for Attack

aantasten, inzet, aanval, aanslag, aanvallen, kritiek, aanpak, aantasting, bekritiseren, overvallen.

French words for Attack

crise, atteinte, agression, assaut, attaque, agresser, attaquer, frapper, assaillir.

German words for Attack

angehen, Anschlag, angreifen, befallen, Angriff, Sturm, Anfall, Charge, anfallen, beschädigen, Offensive, Sturmlauf, Befall, Attentat, Attacke, Sturmreihe, attackieren, anstürmen, vorstoßen.

Hindi word for Attack


Italian words for Attack

acceso, attacco.

Japanese words for Attack

発作, ほっさ, 攻める, 進攻, 襲いかかる, せめこむ, むかえうつ, 打ち寄せる, 射つ, うってかかる, 飛ばす, 撞く, 仕掛, しんこう, 指弾, うつ, せめる, おそいかかる, 攻め込む, 批難, しだん, 襲い掛る.

Javanese word for Attack

Lampiran pangentukan.

Malay word for Attack

Lampiran pendapatan.

Marathi word for Attack

मिळकत जोड.

Norwegian word for Attack


Polish word for Attack


Romanian word for Attack


Spanish words for Attack

abordar, ataque, atacar, combatir, asalto, agredir, ofensiva, atentado, acometer, acometida, embate.

Swedish word for Attack


Tamil word for Attack

வருவாய் இணைத்தல்.

Turkish word for Attack

Kazançların eklenmesi.

Vietnamese word for Attack

cuộc tấn công.