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How To Spell attribute?

Correct spelling: attribute

List of misspellings for attribute:

  • tribut,
  • attribtes,
  • atrributes,
  • retribute,
  • attributted,
  • attribited,
  • atribuites,
  • attrite,
  • atrobutes,
  • attrubiutes,
  • attributesi,
  • atributid,
  • atttributed,
  • ditribuiter,
  • astrobright,
  • attriute,
  • attruibutes,
  • attrubited,
  • attrributes,
  • ditribute,
  • attriburtes,
  • atributes,
  • atribut,
  • atributable,
  • attributal,
  • attrubuites,
  • atrribute,
  • atributs,
  • attrib,
  • attritutes,
  • atributing,
  • attrabutes,
  • attibute,
  • attrubutes,
  • attrubites,
  • attributies,
  • attritibuted,
  • atrributed,
  • attrubute,
  • atributed,
  • attributied,
  • attributtes,
  • arttributes,
  • attribuites,
  • atrubutes,
  • attribut,
  • abtributs,
  • atrbutes,
  • attriubutes,
  • atttributes,
  • dirtributer,
  • attritubes,
  • attribuited,
  • attributres,
  • atrority,
  • comtribute,
  • attubute,
  • attitbute,
  • attritube,
  • attritude,
  • attributs,
  • attribues,
  • attrbute,
  • attribtues,
  • atributated,
  • attributible,
  • aribter,
  • attrribute,
  • attrubuted,
  • attritbutes,
  • cotribute,
  • attirbute,
  • atrabute,
  • attributess,
  • attirubted,
  • attribiutes,
  • attributees,
  • attrbutes,
  • attribures,
  • attrobute,
  • attricute,
  • attirude,
  • atribute,
  • attribure,
  • atribuits,
  • attribue,
  • attriubuted,
  • attrubities,
  • attributbale,
  • trribute,
  • atudebt,
  • attority,
  • attriputed,
  • atributtes,
  • atrtibute,
  • aattributes,
  • attribte,
  • trubute,
  • atrabutes,
  • attirubutes.

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Translations for attribute:

Arabic word for Attribute


Bengali word for Attribute


Chinese word for Attribute


Dutch words for Attribute

kenmerk, eigenschap, attribuut.

French words for Attribute

atout, attribuer, accorder, trait.

German words for Attribute

Merkmal, Eigenschaft, zuordnen, zuschreiben, zurechnen, Attribut, Kennzeichen, Variable, Qualitätsmerkmal, charakteristische Eigenschaft, Beifügung, beimessen, attribuieren, zumessen.

Greek word for Attribute


Hindi word for Attribute


Italian word for Attribute


Japanese word for Attribute


Korean word for Attribute

~에 원인을 돌리다.

Malay word for Attribute


Marathi word for Attribute


Norwegian word for Attribute


Polish words for Attribute

atrybut, parametr, cecha, właściwość.

Russian words for Attribute

атрибут, свойство.

Spanish words for Attribute

rasgo, asignar, atribuir, cualidad, atributo.

Swedish word for Attribute


Tamil word for Attribute


Turkish word for Attribute


Ukrainian word for Attribute


Vietnamese word for Attribute

thuộc tính.