How To Spell Aurae?

Correct spelling: Aurae

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What are the usage examples for Aurae?

  1. As for night work, nothing short of the indomitable fortitude of a Parisian could sustain it; the tents made expressly not to be waterproof, like the groves of the Muses, " ' per Quos et aquea subeant et aurae – The Parisians, Book 11. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. I am now rich, honoured, high in the favour of courts, and not altogether unknown or unesteemed arbitrio popularis aurae and yet I almost think I was happier when, in that flush of youth and inexperience, I looked forth into the wide world, and imagined that from every corner would spring up a triumph for my vanity or an object for my affections. – The Disowned, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  3. The description in this piece of the little breeze that rises at dawn, beginning Hic qualis flatu placidum mare matutino, like the more famous lines in his other idyllic poem- Ut flos in septis secretum nascitur hortis, Ignotus pecori, nullo contusus aratro, Quem mulcent aurae firmat sol, educat imber; Multi illum pueri, multae optavere puellae- has an intangible and inexpressible beauty such as never recurs in the more mature art of greater masters. – Latin Literature by J. W. Mackail

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