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How To Spell austere?

Correct spelling: austere

Definition of austere:

  1. severely simple; "a stark interior"

List of misspellings for austere:

  • usered,
  • fastre,
  • husteria,
  • austeriy,
  • usuallytere,
  • aswere,
  • utero,
  • asuure,
  • awstruck,
  • acusitory,
  • alstra,
  • austire,
  • archiceture,
  • arterey,
  • astry,
  • arcitecher,
  • etcetra,
  • alsothere,
  • austarity,
  • gusture,
  • amuture,
  • arterie,
  • userid,
  • asurtive,
  • astore,
  • austaria,
  • asustria,
  • acessery,
  • arcitechure,
  • yestereay,
  • udere,
  • estore,
  • astro,
  • idustry,
  • upostery,
  • austre,
  • eachtoehr,
  • asterick,
  • astored,
  • arcitecure,
  • arceture,
  • eastre,
  • euskera,
  • aftere,
  • astere,
  • easteren,
  • usere,
  • aostry,
  • asterik,
  • easiere,
  • testere,
  • adutery,
  • ustice,
  • eastery,
  • sistre,
  • azzuro'terra,
  • amostphere,
  • astra,
  • austira,
  • assteem,
  • autore,
  • wasthere,
  • ecetera,
  • estare,
  • uphostery,
  • afuture,
  • eslwhere,
  • ahistory,
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  • asteral,
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  • autre,
  • ecetara,
  • acere,
  • ecetra,
  • eccetera,
  • osture,
  • arcithecture,
  • acusatory,
  • mysterie,
  • arcitechture,
  • oysteres,
  • austri,
  • mousture,
  • causitry,
  • ustomer,
  • afetre,
  • atostphere,
  • assuered,
  • asture,
  • easterrn,
  • authorstream,
  • fasterr,
  • austerrity,
  • austure,
  • asteric,
  • awsered,
  • asteem,
  • custerer.

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Quotes for austere:

  1. The gambling known as business looks with austere disfavor upon the business known as gambling.
  2. If I did not have for him the warm affection a son feels toward a less austere and preoccupied father, I at least had an immense respect for him, and a great admiration.
  3. I'm not an austere person.
  4. Nature is in austere mood, even terrifying, withal majestically beautiful.
  5. Strong advocacy for education, health care and worker safety will be indispensable if they are to get their fair share of President Bush's austere budget for the next fiscal year.

Rhymes for austere:

  1. shere, tear, smear, deer, jeer, nir, sear, speer, blear, mere, year, gier, deere, dear, sere, sphere, kier, spear, sheer, teer, cyr, veer, gere, cheer, sneer, leer, rear, steer, kear, pier, hear, frere, cleere, wier, here, peer, fier, fleer, neer, vere, bere, lear, near, meir, mir, shear, geer, gear, beer, stear, clear, greer, ear, we're, speir, mear, fear;
  2. lazear, yasir, career, rehear, shamir, veneer, unclear, appear, premier, sincere, lanier, sameer, emir, dornier, samir, frontier, premiere, revere, inhere, adhere, wazir, zahir, rainier, severe, zaire, cashier, amir, vizier;
  3. racketeer, pioneer, bombardier, domineer, persevere, interfere, insincere, belvedere, commandeer, gondolier, pamphleteer, rensselaer, cavalier, charpentier, souvenir, chandelier, disappear, engineer, chevalier, auctioneer, volunteer, profiteer, reappear, financier, overhear, brigadier, bandolier, mutineer;
  4. reengineer, electioneer, conventioneer;

Translations for austere:

Bengali word for Austere


Chinese word for Austere


Dutch word for Austere


French word for Austere


German words for Austere

streng, ernst, herb, schmucklos, karg, asketisch, Auster, enthaltsam.

Greek word for Austere


Hindi word for Austere


Japanese word for Austere


Korean word for Austere


Malay word for Austere


Marathi word for Austere


Polish word for Austere


Spanish words for Austere

austero, neutro.

Swedish word for Austere


Tamil word for Austere


Turkish word for Austere


Ukrainian word for Austere


Vietnamese word for Austere