How To Spell baby?

Correct spelling: baby

What does the abbreviation baby mean?


Baby as a girl's name.

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What are the rhymes for baby?

  1. maybe, nabi;

What are the translations for baby?

Arabic word for Baby


Bengali word for Baby


Chinese words for Baby

婴, 婴幼儿, 娃子, 囡囡, 小娃娃, 小不点.

Dutch words for Baby

liefje, schatje.

French words for Baby

petit, nourrisson.

German words for Baby

Kind, Kleinkind, Baby, Wickelkind, Kindlein, Süßer, Kleine.

Hindi word for Baby


Italian word for Baby


Japanese words for Baby

赤ちゃん, ベビー, 赤ん坊, ベイビー, ちいさ, ベービー, 赤子, 幼子, あかちゃん, 乳飲み子, ようじ, ちのみご, あかご, みどりご, 嬰児, 赤児, ベービ, えいじ, おさなご, あかんぼ, あかんぼう, 小さ, 乳呑み子.

Malay word for Baby


Polish words for Baby

dziecko, maleństwo.

Portuguese words for Baby

filho, bebê, caçula, neném.

Romanian word for Baby


Russian words for Baby

малыш, ребёнок, младенец, детский, младенческий, маленький, малышка, дитё.

Spanish words for Baby

querido, infantil, de bebé, para bebé, bebé.

Tamil word for Baby


Turkish words for Baby

baba, bebek.

Ukrainian word for Baby


Vietnamese word for Baby

em bé.