How To Spell back?

Correct spelling: back

What is the definition of back?

  1. be in back of; "My garage backs their yard"

What does the abbreviation back mean?

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What are the rhymes for back?

  1. track, spak, fac, zach, jack, wrack, brack, stac, quack, bak, trak, plack, tac, yak, crack, cac, sak, shack, tak, trac, ack, dac, rack, paque, pak, yack, mac, akc, caq, snack, zack, plaque, shaq, brac, knack, pack, lac, lak, wack, nack, haq, mak, whack, sac, jac, slack, braque, rak, black, tack, lack, smack, stack, mack, pac, flack, clack, flak, zak, dack, sack, unpack, hack;
  2. attack, aback, repack, knick-knack, arrack;
  3. dak;

What are the translations for back?

Afrikaans word for Back


Arabic word for Back


Chinese word for Back


Dutch words for Back

Bali, achterst, achterstallig, rug, achterkant, achterzijde, rugzijde.

French words for Back

soutenir, appuyer, renforcer, dos, arrière, verso, râble.

German words for Back

Schluss, setzen, decken, Fond, Dossier, Lehne, Revers, Hintergrund, Kehrseite, Heck, Queue, rückwärtig, zurück, retour, Buckel, Hinterseite, Wagenfond, lateral, Rückwand, Rückenlehne, Rückfront, zurückschieben, auf setzen.

Hindi word for Back


Italian word for Back


Japanese words for Back

バック, 裏面, 背部, 擁立, せごう, ようりつ, はいぶ, 背甲, 後ろの.

Korean word for Back


Malay word for Back


Marathi word for Back


Norwegian word for Back


Polish words for Back

tył, plecy, grzbiet, tylny.

Portuguese words for Back

suporte, fundo, apoiar, costas, parte de trás, encosto, lombo, dorsal, de volta, atrás, endossar, anteriores, traseiro, traseira, apoio, fundos, posteriores, parte traseira, lombares, retrospectivo, secundário, no passado.

Romanian word for Back

din spate.

Russian words for Back

обратно, спина.

Spanish words for Back

lejos, financiar, posterior, fondo, respaldar, espalda, dorso, respaldo, reverso, lomo, trasera, atrasado, atrás, retroceder, trasero, defensa, columna, interior, secundario, alejarse, cara posterior, parte trasera.

Swedish word for Back


Turkish word for Back


Ukrainian word for Back