How To Spell bad?

Correct spelling: bad

What is the definition of bad?

  1. Not good; evil; wicked; hurtful.

What does the abbreviation bad mean?

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What are the usage examples for bad?

  1. " Oh, that is too bad – Janice Day by Helen Beecher Long
  2. He sure will- an' he'll feel bad – Dawn by Eleanor H. Porter
  3. It was too bad to be true. – The Port of Adventure by Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
  4. It's a bad morning. – Fore! by Charles Emmett Van Loan
  5. Oh, this is too bad – Eric, or Little by Little by Frederic W. Farrar

What are the rhymes for bad?

  1. gad, glad, ladd, add, cad, tad, grad, mad, thad, clad, tadd, fad, vlad, had, gadd, brad, chadd, shadd, hlad, khad, scad, rad, dad, flad, chad, schad, shad, sad, hadd, pad, radde, lad, plaid, nad, madd;
  2. riyad, arvad, riyadh, mossad;
  3. ciudad;

What are the translations for bad?

Afrikaans words for Bad

waardeloos, slegte.

Arabic word for Bad


Bengali word for Bad


Chinese word for Bad


Dutch words for Bad

slecht, ernstig, rot, negatief, naar, bedorven, verrot, erg, ondeugend, verkeerd, vervelend, fout, zwaar, beroerd, ongezond, ongunstig.

French words for Bad

grave, vil, grossier, intense, pauvre, vilain, stupide, mauvais, mauvaise, nocif, nuisible, mauvaises, pernicieux, funeste, déficiente.

German words for Bad

schwer, stark, brutto, schlimm, arg, unangenehm, schwach, schlecht, unzureichend, fatal, ungezogen, faul, mangelhaft, krank, falsch, verdorben, Mal, ungut, kaputt, scheiße, mau, unartig, unrein, garstig, Faible, Stout.

Greek word for Bad


Hindi word for Bad


Italian words for Bad

cattivo, difettoso, scadente, sbagliato.

Japanese words for Bad

わるい, バッド, イクナイ, いくない, あしき, 良からぬ, こっ酷い, こっぴどい, よからぬ.

Korean word for Bad


Marathi word for Bad


Norwegian word for Bad


Polish words for Bad

niekorzystny, zły, szkodliwy.

Portuguese words for Bad

negativa, errado, prejudicial, ruim, perverso, perigoso, prejudiciais, podres, adversas, Alá, inadequado, inapropriado, danificado, ruins, duvidosa, incobráveis.

Russian words for Bad

вредный, плохо, нехороший.

Spanish words for Bad

malo, inferior, inoportuno, perjudicial, nocivo, desagradable, pesado, defectuoso, malvado, nefasto, feo, negativo, nefasta, corrompido.

Swedish word for Bad


Tamil word for Bad


Turkish words for Bad

buruk, kötü.

Ukrainian word for Bad