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Correct spelling: badger


Definition of badger:

  1. An animal with a thick body and short legs, about the size of a fox, dwelling in burrows, and living on carrion and fruit; an artist's brush of badger's hair.
  2. To pursue with eagerness; to pester; to annoy.

Common misspellings for badger:


Badger \b(ad)-ger\

Badger as a boy's name.

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This graph shows how "badger" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for badger:

  1. Boston: Richard G. Badger Co. "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck" , Jethro Bithell.

Quotes for badger:

  1. I beg. I call. I badger. I cajole. Part of the secret is everyone has fun and that's really motivating. - Katie Couric
  2. Badger hates Society, and invitations, and dinner, and all that sort of thing. - Kenneth Grahame
  3. The Mole had long wanted to make the I acquaintance of the Badger. He seemed, by all accounts, to be such an important personage and, though rarely visible, to make his unseen influence felt by everybody about the place. - Kenneth Grahame
  4. It was irritating to have one's physical shortcomings pointed out quite so plainly twice in one evening, once by a beautiful girl and once by a dying badger. - Tom Holt

Idioms for badger:

  1. badger sm into sth
  2. badger sm or sth to death
  3. badger to death
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