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How To Spell base?

Correct spelling: base

Definition of base:

  1. Basely.

List of misspellings for base:

  • bissel,
  • bascic,
  • blease,
  • bascet,
  • basie,
  • bassra,
  • bacuse,
  • bazzar,
  • beqause,
  • boice,
  • beacuse,
  • jasey,
  • booser,
  • bace,
  • besde,
  • basiic,
  • baecsue,
  • blase,
  • beacase,
  • bahasa,
  • basq,
  • beeze,
  • beuase,
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  • bawww,
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What does the abbreviation base mean?

Related words for base

Base CRM


Enterprise software company

Base CRM is an enterprise software company based in Mountain View, California with R&D offices located in Kraków, Poland. It provides a web-based all-in-one sales platform that features tools for email, phone dialing, pipeline management, forecasting, reporting and more.

Battle of Westerplatte



The Battle of Westerplatte was the first battle in the Invasion of Poland and marked the start of the Second World War in Europe.

Esperanza Base


Research institute in Antarctica

Esperanza base is a permanent, all year-round Argentine research station in Hope Bay, Trinity Peninsula. It is one of only two civilian settlements on Antarctica. The Base's motto is "Permanencia, un acto de sacrificio".

Gotthard Base Tunnel


The Gotthard Base Tunnel is a railway tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland. It opened on 1 June 2016, and full service began on 11 December 2016.

Orcadas Base



Base Orcadas is an Argentine scientific station in Antarctica, and the oldest of the stations in Antarctica still in operation. It is located on Laurie Island, one of the South Orkney Islands, at 4 meters above sea level and 170 meters from the coastline.

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Rhymes for base:

  1. chase, wace, heyse, ace, glace, retrace, vase, incase, case, misplace, thrace, erase, lambastes, cayce, lace, mace, place, trace, replace, face, grace, embrace, caisse, dace, encase, pace, nace, bass, chace, space, brace, race;
  2. apace, displace, abase, efface, disgrace, debase, deface;
  3. interlace;

Translations for base:

Afrikaans words for Base

voet, baseer, bodem, bof, diensbaar, eindvlak, grond, grondslag, grondves, laag, laagstaand, minderwaardig, onedel, patroonrand, sleg, snood, staanspoor, steunpunt, uitgangslyn, uitgangspunt, vals, voetstuk, vuig, waardeloos, gemeen.

Arabic word for Base


Bengali word for Base


Catalan words for Base

fonament, fonamentar.

Chinese words for Base

地基, 基础, 底座, 基座, 基部, 基业, 底子, 泼贱.

Danish words for Base

basere, gemen, grundlag, lav, sokkel.

Dutch words for Base

als basis aanwijzen, baseren, gronden, grondlijn, grondtal, grondvlak, honk, laag‐bij‐de‐gronds, laaghartig, meet, min, onderbouwen, schildvoet, slecht, thuisbasis, onderstel, onderkant, ondergrond.

Finnish word for Base


French words for Base

vil, fonder, bas.

German words for Base

Ansatz, Unterlage, aufbauen, gemein, Grund, nieder, niedrig, Grundlage, Fundament, Basis, basieren, Base, Sockel, unedel, Boden, Grundlinie, Bezugswert, Gau, Unterbau, Grundstock, Etappe, Grundplatte, Stützpunkt, Unterteil, Trägermaterial, Grundstoff, Zahlenbasis, Standquartier, Bezugsgröße, Lauge, Fliegerhorst, Grundwert, Substrat, Postament, nichtswürdig.

Greek word for Base


Hindi word for Base


Italian words for Base

appoggio, basale, basare, basso, non prezioso, radice, servile, tana, turpe, vile, basamento, supporto, fondamento.

Japanese words for Base

基地, 付け根, 基部, 基底, 根元, 基数, 根源, 本拠, 付根, あしば, きょてん, 底数, ほんるい, 野鄙, ていめん, こんげん, ほんきょ, 汚ない, バーゼ, 卑劣, やひ, じばん, どだい, ねもと, 下等, きすう.

Korean word for Base


Marathi word for Base


Polish words for Base

podstawa, podłoże, cokół.

Portuguese words for Base

sede, alicerce, comum, basear, fundamentar, mínima.

Romanian word for Base


Russian words for Base

база, фундамент, основание, базовый, цоколь, низменный.

Spanish words for Base

fundar, bajo, inicial, humilde, basar, emplazar, baza, infame, basa, bajo de ley, culote, asas.

Tagalog words for Base

ibatay, pagbatayan, patungán, pondo.

Thai word for Base


Turkish word for Base


Ukrainian word for Base


Welsh words for Base

bôn, distadl, gwael, isel, seilio, sylfaen, sylfaenu.