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How To Spell bass?

Correct spelling: bass

Definition of bass:

  1. having or denoting a low vocal or instrumental range; "a deep voice"; "a bass voice is lower than a baritone voice"; "a bass clarinet"

List of misspellings for bass:

  • baies,
  • bascic,
  • basee,
  • basis3,
  • bassra,
  • blasa,
  • bason,
  • bacis,
  • becuasse,
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What does the abbreviation bass mean?


Bass as a boy's name.
  • Baz,
  • Bazz,
  • Boas,
  • Boase.

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Rhymes for bass:

  1. race, case, dace, class, last, base, das, lace, ras, cass, glas, erase, thrace, chase, caisse, brace, fahs, chasse, glass, vase, sas, ace, masse, vass, trace, gas, cayce, cas, face, retrace, mass, tass, place, dass, lambastes, pass, fass, mace, gras, klas, kass, grace, nace, kras, incase, pace, klass, gass, jass, misplace, nass, replace, heyse, embrace, plas, grass, glace, lass, wace, brass, crass, sasse, encase, bras, space, chace, pasts, sass, hass;
  2. debase, amass, abase, impasse, efface, umass, surpass, morass, apace, forecasts, harass, alsace, disgrace, repass, contrasts, alas, deface, displace;
  3. interlace;

Translations for bass:

Arabic word for Bass


Chinese word for Bass


Dutch word for Bass


French words for Bass

grave, bas, graves, basse, contrebasse, perche.

German words for Bass

Bär, barsch, Bass, Bassist, Seebarsch, Bassstimme, Wolfbarsch, Bast.

Hindi word for Bass


Italian word for Bass


Japanese word for Bass


Korean word for Bass


Norwegian word for Bass


Polish words for Bass

kontrabas, basy, gitara basowa.

Portuguese word for Bass


Russian words for Bass

бас, окунь, басовый.

Spanish words for Bass

bajo, contrabajo, perca, lubina, róbalo, lobina.

Tamil word for Bass


Ukrainian word for Bass


Vietnamese word for Bass

giọng nam trầm.