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How To Spell beat?

Correct spelling: beat

Definition of beat:

  1. be superior; "Reading beats watching television"; "This sure beats work!"

List of misspellings for beat:

  • beathe,
  • bealt,
  • deat,
  • te a b,
  • bueauty,
  • beas,
  • baout,
  • beafy,
  • butat,
  • bahut,
  • boart,
  • reat,
  • belate,
  • bufett,
  • 2beauty,
  • buaty,
  • bacta,
  • beardd,
  • beate,
  • bbest,
  • borat,
  • beuace,
  • yeat,
  • leat,
  • beetr,
  • bea,
  • beath,
  • bettty,
  • bett,
  • deaht,
  • bettr,
  • beuituf,
  • ebeauty,
  • weat,
  • berta,
  • budah,
  • beaf,
  • becah,
  • betal,
  • beatifu,
  • boaght,
  • geart,
  • beatle,
  • bobette,
  • behi,
  • beautey,
  • beaty,
  • beahc,
  • beateen,
  • biest,
  • bewty,
  • buety,
  • beauitul,
  • seat,
  • dieat,
  • biodata,
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  • bewst,
  • bedt.

What does the abbreviation beat mean?

Related words for beat

Beat Butchers


Record label

Beat Butchers is a Swedish record label mostly dealing in punk, especially trallpunk. They started in 1991, but had earlier published music under the name Studio otukt records.

Night Beat


1947 film

Night Beat is a 1947 British Brit-noir, crime thriller drama film directed by Harold Huth and starring Anne Crawford, Maxwell Reed, Ronald Howard, Christine Norden and Sid James.

River Beat


1954 film

River Beat is a 1954 British noir, drama, crime film directed by Guy Green and starring John Bentley, Phyllis Kirk and Leonard White.

Run to the Beat


Run to the Beat, first held in 2008, was the first half marathon event in London, taking its name from the use of music along the route.

Wonder Beat Scramble


Japanese animated series

Wonder Beat Scramble is a Japanese science fiction anime series, which ran from April 16 to November 19, 1986 and featured microbattles in human organisms. Some series are now available for digital download.

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Quotes for beat:

  1. Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.
  2. Love is the big booming beat which covers up the noise of hate.
  3. The end of the animal trade would leave more time to trap or beat to death pop star wannabes.
  4. One truth is the swing of the sentence, the beat and poise, but down deeper it's the integrity of the writer as he matches with the language.
  5. Everybody knows that I am one of the greatest fighters of all time and I would beat all those guys.

Rhymes for beat:

  1. veit, skeet, treat, eat, pete, street, bleat, pleat, grete, fleet, sweet, sleet, neat, teet, neet, suite, peete, st, cheat, beet, peat, leet, mete, feet, tweet, wheat, skeat, meat, meet, heat, piet, sheet, crete, cleat, peet, greet, teat, feat, seat;
  2. deceit, excrete, offbeat, secrete, repeat, replete, compete, deplete, conceit, discrete, mistreat, effete, discreet, delete, gamete, bridgette, downbeat, retreat, elite, unseat, complete, concrete, defeat, amit, receipt, petite;
  3. indiscreet, marquerite, incomplete, uncomplete, noncompete, marguerite;

Translations for beat:

Arabic word for Beat


Bengali word for Beat


Chinese words for Beat

打, 擂, 击打, 警区, 拷打, 拍击, 搉, 捣.

Dutch words for Beat

maat, slaan, wijk, slag, klop, verslaan, kapot, kloppen, overtreffen, bekaf, afgemat, een klap geven, inmaken, voor zijn, van winnen.

French words for Beat

rythme, cadence, vaincre, surpasser, battre, mesure, secteur, bâtir, taper, pulsation, frapper, cogner, battement.

German words for Beat

Schlag, Takt, fertig, schlagen, Rhythmus, besiegen, klopfen, pochen, Runde, anschlagen, Revier, geschafft, Beat, verprügeln, erschossen, OP, hauen, Rundgang, Herzschlag, Taktschlag, Schwebung, prügeln, toppen, ausklopfen, knüppeln, durchhauen.

Greek word for Beat


Hindi word for Beat


Italian words for Beat

superare, battere, battito, colpire, sconfiggere, palpitare, vincere, bastonare, combattere, sbattere, pulsare, percuotere.

Japanese words for Beat

ビート, 拍子, 泡立てる, 鼓動, ぶっとばす, 参らせる, ぶっ飛ばす, まいらせる, 打ち出す, いちじゅん, 一巡, こどう, 駆立てる, 駆りたてる, かりたてる, やっ付ける, 打っ飛ばす, ぶつ, いっぽんとる, 遣っ付ける, なぎたおす, 狩り立てる, なぎ倒す, 遣っつける, あわだてる, うちだす, 打つこと.

Javanese word for Beat


Korean word for Beat


Malay words for Beat

Tempo, Mengalahkan.

Marathi word for Beat


Norwegian word for Beat


Polish word for Beat


Portuguese words for Beat

bater, batida, batimento, compasso, espancar, pulsação.

Romanian word for Beat


Russian words for Beat

бить, биение, ритм, биться, колотить.

Spanish words for Beat

ritmo, golpe, superar, ganar, pegar, golpear, latir, latido, compás, ronda, agotado, pulsar, derrotar, vencer, vibrar, vapulear, someter a golpes, moler a palos, golpeteo.

Tamil word for Beat


Turkish word for Beat


Ukrainian word for Beat


Vietnamese word for Beat