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How To Spell become?

Correct spelling: become

List of misspellings for become:

  • becumes,
  • cecome,
  • bocome,
  • brickhome,
  • becusce,
  • becoem,
  • becomine,
  • bacame,
  • becos,
  • becommes,
  • beocome,
  • beocmes,
  • begum,
  • becamne,
  • becomethe,
  • abercombie,
  • becace,
  • becsuae,
  • becomse,
  • ecome,
  • bevcome,
  • becauce,
  • becoms,
  • beacue,
  • beacaue,
  • becolme,
  • bcome,
  • becaose,
  • bceome,
  • becuaase,
  • beacmes,
  • becuose,
  • beebomb,
  • becamea,
  • becaeu,
  • becamoe,
  • becomce,
  • becasuee,
  • becouse,
  • becomve,
  • boome,
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  • becase.

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We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves


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We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves is the third album by American lo-fi musician John Maus, released on June 27, 2011. Its title is derived from French philosopher Alain Badiou's "Fifteen Theses on Contemporary Art". Upon release, the album was met with generally favorable reviews, a contrast from the reception of Maus' earlier work. Three singles were issued from the album: "Quantum Leap", "Believer" and "Hey Moon".

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Quotes for become:

  1. There is a divine moment in our lives when we all become one. It's called procreation, and it is reborn, continually and forever.
  2. I was never that much a focus of interest that I became a 'thing' at an earlier point in my career. I'm aware of having become a 'thing' now, which doesn't give me a lot of pleasure.
  3. In a number of cases dissenting opinions have in time become the law.
  4. If you read in front of your kids, it's very likely that they'll become readers, too.
  5. In the 21st century when few of us stay in the same job all our lives, I would like to think there was flexibility so teachers could become social workers, or foster carers become teachers.

Rhymes for become:

  1. gum, hum, scum, swum, strum, mum, clum, plum, gumm, bum, dum, some, grum, stum, glum, drum, crumb, maam, yum, umm, chum, lumb, mumm, dumm, lum, crum, thum, um, slum, rum, dumb, sum, humm, come, thumb, from, gmbh, lumm, plumb, numb;
  2. succumb, alum;

Translations for become:

Afrikaans word for Become


Arabic word for Become


Bengali word for Become


Chinese words for Become

变成, 化作, 适合, 变作.

Dutch word for Become


French words for Become

convenir, devenir.

German words for Become

Werden, geworden, sich gestalten.

Greek word for Become


Hindi word for Become


Italian word for Become


Japanese words for Become

となる, ・・・になる.

Javanese word for Become


Korean word for Become

...이 되다.

Malay word for Become


Norwegian word for Become


Portuguese words for Become

ficar, tornar-se, acontecer, vir a ser, fazer-se, convir a, assentar bem em.

Romanian word for Become

a deveni.

Spanish words for Become

favorecer, corresponder, caber, convertirse, llegar a ser, hacerse, volverse, competir, pasar a ser, tornarse.

Tamil word for Become


Turkish word for Become


Ukrainian word for Become


Vietnamese word for Become

trở nên.