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What are the rhymes for before?

  1. glore, soar, wor, bohr, torre, outscore, boar, orr, mohr, lore, swore, wore, igor, warr, outpour, laure, laur, coar, or, loar, core, bore, lor, senor, gore, cor, glor, spore, snore, dore, scor, four, saur, dorr, inshore, door, score, mazor, explore, postwar, ohr, offshore, morr, sor, store, sore, porr, gorr, chore, underscore, nohr, mor, m4, tore, corps, prewar, torr, restore, your, oar, pour, rapport, lenore, hoar, lahore, cohr, deplore, roar, pore, d'or, ignore, ore, timor, corr, more, moore, dior, shore, galore, thor, floor, nor, implore, gabor, hardcore, goar, ngor, yore, drawer, fore, boer, flore, vore, war, livor, tor, sedor, por, flor, schnorr;
  2. amour, afore, decor, bator, abhor, adore, ador, c4, ashore, cat-4;
  3. guarantor, anymore, livermore, antiwar, heretofore;

What are the translations for before?

Arabic word for Before


Bengali word for Before


Chinese words for Before

在未, 前儿.

Dutch words for Before

tegenover, voor, voordat, alvorens, vooraleer, eerder dan.

French words for Before

devant, avant, avant de, d'ici.

German words for Before

bis, prima, vor, zuvor, vorher, früher, voran, davor.

Greek word for Before


Japanese words for Before

前に, 先立ち, まえに, 迄に, お先に, おさきに, いぜんに, さきに, さきだち, てまえ.

Javanese word for Before

sak durunge.

Korean word for Before


Norwegian word for Before


Polish words for Before

przed, przedtem, naprzeciw, na wprost.

Portuguese words for Before

antes de, diante de, antes que, frente a, à frente de.

Russian word for Before


Spanish words for Before

antes, antes de, ante, delante de, antes que, delante, anteriormente, previamente, con anterioridad, antes de que.

Ukrainian word for Before