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How To Spell begin?

Correct spelling: begin

List of misspellings for begin:

  • bgeian,
  • begant,
  • begain,
  • biginig,
  • beging,
  • bejiing,
  • belegian,
  • weighin,
  • abigain,
  • meging,
  • beginnig,
  • backin,
  • begint,
  • begann,
  • beginnner,
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  • bbegin,
  • beeing,
  • beggin,
  • bargin,
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  • bakgan,
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  • beginng,
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What does the abbreviation begin mean?

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Kiryat Menachem Begin


Kiryat Menachem Begin, named after former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and also known as Kiryat HaMemshala, is a complex of government buildings in East Jerusalem located between Sheikh Jarrah in the north, adjacent to Mount Scopus in the east and Ammunition Hill in the west.

Louis Jacques Bégin


French surgeon

Louis Jacques Bégin was a French military physician. He began his medical studies in the military hospital at Metz, subsequently serving as an assistant surgeon in the Napoleonic Wars.

Roger N. Begin


Roger Normand Begin was the Lieutenant Governor of the U.S. State of Rhode Island from 1989 to 1993. He is a Democrat. He previously served in the Rhode Island House of Representatives from 1973 to 1984.

Romeo Bégin


Political figure

Romeo Bégin was an Ontario political figure. He represented Russell in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as a Liberal from 1937 to 1948. He was born in Eastview in 1895, the son of Joseph Bégin. In 1923, he married Anna Carle. Bégin served as treasurer for Eastview for fifteen years. He was also director of the Eastview Bus Service.

So Many Ways to Begin


Novel by Jon McGregor

So Many Ways to Begin is British author Jon McGregor's second novel, first published in 2006. It was longlisted for the 2006 Booker Prize.

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Rhymes for begin:

  1. spin, when, gwyn, quinn, flynn, gwin, linne, dinh, vin, twin, rihn, fin, gwynne, linn, lynne, sin, in, gwynn, bryn, skin, winn, kin, kinn, winne, jin, trinh, been, chin, glynn, lynn, win, bin, brin, guinn, min, quin, linh, grin, yin, qin, minh, ginn, wynne, rinn, tin, lwin, rhin, inn, knin, lin, shin, pinn, gwinn, brinn, din, pin, guin, lyn, glyn, gyn, flinn, finn, thin, gin, wynn;
  2. chagrin, has-been, berlin, wherein, eldwin, therein, akin, alpin, aswin, herein, within, adin, kaylynn, emlyn, allin;
  3. menuhin, violin;

Translations for begin:

Bengali word for Begin

শুরু করা.

Chinese words for Begin

入手, 兴办, 俶, 谡.

Dutch words for Begin

begin, met beginnen.

French words for Begin

engager, reprendre, entreprendre, entamer, lancer, ouvrir, amorcer, commencer, initier, embrayer.

German words for Begin

einsetzen, entstehen, starten, beginnen, anfangen, anbrechen.

Greek word for Begin


Hindi word for Begin


Italian word for Begin


Japanese words for Begin

始める, 始まる, はじめる, し始める, しはじめる, はじまる, 取り掛かる, とっつく, 取付く, 取り付く, 取りつく, 取りかかる, 取り掛る, 為始める, とりつく, 取っつく, 仕始める, 遣り出す, 創める, 取掛る, おっぱじめる, やりだす, とりかかる, 押っ始める.

Javanese word for Begin


Korean word for Begin


Malay word for Begin


Marathi word for Begin


Norwegian word for Begin


Romanian word for Begin

a începe.

Russian word for Begin


Spanish words for Begin

ponerse, emprender, iniciar, abrir, empezar, comenzar, instaurar, originarse, iniciarse, principiar, dar inicio.

Swedish word for Begin


Turkish word for Begin


Ukrainian word for Begin