How To Spell behave?

Correct spelling: behave

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What are the rhymes for behave?

  1. lave, gave, wave, nave, knave, shave, rave, they've, dave, cave, grave, pave, waive, mave, brave, save, stave, quave, crave;
  2. forgave, shortwave, concave, engrave, enslave, deprave;
  3. misbehave;

What are the translations for behave?

Afrikaans word for Behave


Arabic word for Behave


Bengali word for Behave

আচরণ করা.

French words for Behave

fonctionner, se comporter, bien se tenir, agir, se conduire, être sage.

German words for Behave

auftreten, brav bleiben, sich gebärden, brav sein, benehmen (sich).

Greek word for Behave


Hindi word for Behave

व्यवहार करते हैं.

Italian word for Behave


Javanese word for Behave


Korean word for Behave


Malay word for Behave


Norwegian word for Behave

oppføre (seg).

Polish word for Behave

zachować się.

Portuguese words for Behave

comportar-se, portar-se, controlar-se.

Romanian word for Behave

a se comporta.

Russian word for Behave

вести себя.

Spanish words for Behave

funcionar, actuar, comportarse, portarse, conducirse.

Swedish word for Behave

uppföra (sig).

Tamil word for Behave


Turkish word for Behave


Ukrainian word for Behave


Vietnamese word for Behave

cư xử.