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How To Spell belay?

Correct spelling: belay

Definition of belay:

  1. turn a rope round an object or person in order to secure it or him

List of misspellings for belay:

  • bechlor,
  • beleafe,
  • belve,
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Related words for belay

Albert Belay


Albert T. Belay is a Gottschee German cultural activist in New York. Belay was born in Livold, Slovenia. He left the Gottschee region as a teenager, becoming a displaced person in Austria after the Second World War, and then emigrated to the United States in 1951, where he worked as a civil engineer.

Belay D. Reddick


Belay Dwight Reddick is a mentor coach, youth advocate, and conflict resolution expert. Reddick's inspirational and motivational open letter to young black men has been heard on several radio stations. His written work has appeared in various newspapers. Reddick began his advocacy career in prison.

Lisa Ann Beley


Canadian voice actress

Lisa Ann Beley is a Canadian voice actress who often voices over roles which have either regal, motherly, or older sisterly love and authority within them.

Tigist Gashaw


Tigist Gashaw Belay is an Ethiopian-born middle-distance runner competing internationally for Bahrain. She represented that country at the 2016 Summer Olympics without advancing from the first round.

Yeshimebeth T Belay


Ethiopian entrepreneur

Yeshimebeth T Belay is an Ethiopian American entrepreneur. She founded the business directory Ethiopian Yellow Pages in Washington DC in 1993, started an Amharic newspaper and a restaurant, and has led economic regeneration initiatives in the Shaw Howard area of Washington.

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Rhymes for belay:

  1. spray, blay, daye, se, wray, cray, ae, j, tray, slay, graye, wei, vey, stay, way, maye, pay, sze, shea, trey, fay, jaye, rey, prey, ca, bey, tay, hay, dae, cay, yea, sway, gaye, de, yay, faye, gway, pei, fe, mey, jae, may, brey, kay, mae, ley, k, play, klay, dray, sta, they, wy, quai, ne, grey, ney, re, paye, hey, sleigh, drey, raye, lei, nay, waye, ay, day, jay, bay, stray, ray, pray, fray, fey, flay, quay, clay, saye, che, lait, weigh, gray, nej, haye, frey, whey, kaye, shay, lay, khe, bray, brae, mei, say, neigh, dey, wey, tae, hwe, rae;
  2. millay, monet, replay, survey, hurray, cache, nikkei, delay, away, betray, display, mckay, b-j, filet, essay, oj, olay, portray, decay, o'shea, ga, abbe, renee, moray, hervey, buffet, crochet, dk, mcveigh, passe, da, jose, sergei, puree, manet, toupee, croquet, risque, today, defray, chalet, fillet, cathay, ha, macrae, repay, cliche, allay, bombay, dossier, valet, purvey, okay, carre, ek, prepay, cafe, rene, hooray, parquet, sorbet, ole, mccrea, beauvais, dismay, levey, calais, gervais, ballet, soiree, halfway, convey, saute, delray, obey, souffle, mackay, astray, nisei, beret, bouquet, asay, array, orsay;
  3. overplay, uva, piaget, cabaret, cea, disobey, dak, monterey, jna, lyonnais, attache, ekk, fiance, bta, intraday, perrier, bua, aaa, ita, monterrey, ira, cabernet, overstay, underplay, chevrolet, underway, faberge, bouvier, disarray;
  4. noaa, asea, communique, foia, naivete, hiaa, cabriolet, ceta;
  5. waga;

Translations for belay:

Afrikaans word for Belay

seker maak.

Arabic word for Belay


Bengali word for Belay


Chinese word for Belay


French word for Belay


German word for Belay


Greek word for Belay


Hindi word for Belay


Italian word for Belay


Korean word for Belay


Marathi word for Belay


Norwegian word for Belay


Polish word for Belay


Spanish word for Belay


Tamil word for Belay

இறுக்கிக் கட்டு.

Turkish word for Belay

volta etmek.

Ukrainian word for Belay