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Spell Check of believing

Correct spelling: believing

Definition of believing:

  1. Having all faith.

Common misspellings for believing:

believening, beliefing, beliveing, beliven, belieing, believeing.


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Examples of usage for believing:

  1. Only the other part, the part that he wished was the whole, had believed in him and gone on believing in him until it was forbidden to do so any more. – The Devil's Garden by W. B. Maxwell

Quotes for believing:

  1. Believing a person deserves a defence is not the same as doing anything in your power to get him off scot -free.
  2. Believing in something and being a part of something you believe in and watching it work and coming from it.
  3. I choose to worship not believing in God and government should not thrust a religious idea down my throat.
  4. Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business.
  5. Every time I am in danger of believing the glamour of my own press, some incident inevitably brings me back to earth.