How To Spell besides?

Correct spelling: besides

What is the definition of besides?

  1. Alt. of Beside

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What are the translations for besides?

Afrikaans word for Besides


Arabic word for Besides

باِلإضَافَة إِلى.

Bengali word for Besides


Chinese words for Besides

其外, 除开, 外带, 何况.

French words for Besides

outre, excepté, d'ailleurs, hormis, du reste.

German words for Besides

ferner, zudem, ohnehin, sonst, ansonsten, neben, außer, daneben, abgesehen von, nebenbei, übrigens.

Italian word for Besides


Japanese words for Besides

ほかに, 他に, 上, のみならず, それに, その外, なおかつ, そば, 尚且つ, 加うるに, 尚又, 側ら, 脇, 旁, くわうるに, 且又, この外, 尚かつ, 其れに, さては, かつまた, かたわら, 且つ又, いまだ, なおまた, 傍ら, かててくわえて.

Javanese word for Besides


Malay word for Besides

Selain itu.

Norwegian word for Besides


Polish word for Besides

poza tym.

Portuguese words for Besides

depois, fora, a par de, exceto, para lá de, não só, ademais, aliás, de resto, em paralelo, ainda por cima.

Spanish words for Besides

aparte de, con excepción de, con la salvedad de, paralelamente, poza.

Swedish word for Besides


Ukrainian word for Besides

крім того.