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How To Spell best?

Correct spelling: best

Definition of best:

  1. the supreme effort one can make; "they did their best"

List of misspellings for best:

  • bess,
  • cest,
  • cbsto,
  • verbiest,
  • bestn,
  • bst,
  • bes,
  • beszy,
  • besde,
  • biigest,
  • obestiy,
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  • test1,
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What does the abbreviation best mean?

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Google Ngram Viewer results for best:

This graph shows how "best" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Translations for best:

Arabic word for Best


Chinese word for Best


Dutch words for Best

best, optimaal, favoriet.

French words for Best

mieux, meilleur.

German words for Best

optimal, am besten, bester, beste, am günstigsten.

Greek word for Best


Hindi word for Best


Italian words for Best

migliore, ottimale, meglio.

Japanese words for Best

ベスト, 一番, 最優秀, 最上, ピン, いちばん, 随一, じょう, 超一流, 冠たる, 何より, なにより, 冠, かんぶり, こよない, さいゆうしゅう, むじょう, 無上, さいじょう, かんたる, ぜっこう, もがみ, かんむり, ちょういちりゅう, ずいいち, かむり, 最もよい.

Korean word for Best


Malay word for Best


Polish word for Best


Portuguese word for Best


Romanian word for Best

cel mai bun.

Russian word for Best


Spanish word for Best

el mejor.

Swedish word for Best


Tamil word for Best


Ukrainian word for Best