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How To Spell betray?

Correct spelling: betray

List of misspellings for betray:

  • beshrahh,
  • betar,
  • notray,
  • bigatry,
  • betraid,
  • bettery,
  • letari,
  • bugetary,
  • batery,
  • birtghday,
  • cabietry,
  • betterif,
  • betrayor,
  • ebtry,
  • beture,
  • bettre,
  • berau,
  • petray,
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  • betcy,
  • betrayd,
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  • beaura,
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  • betrayle,
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  • detroy,
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  • biterly.

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MoveOn.org ad controversy


The MoveOn.org ad controversy began when the U.S. anti-war liberal advocacy group MoveOn.org published a full-page ad in The New York Times on September 10, 2007, accusing General David H. Petraeus of "cooking the books for the White House". The ad also labeled him "General Betray Us".

My Lips Betray


1933 film

My Lips Betray is a 1933 American Pre-Code musical comedy film directed by John G. Blystone and starring Lilian Harvey, John Boles and El Brendel. The film's sets were designed by the art director Joseph C. Wright.

Uprising of Georgi Voyteh


The Uprising of Georgi Voyteh was a Bulgarian uprising against the Byzantine Empire in 1072. It was the second major attempt to restore the Bulgarian Empire after the Uprising of Peter Delyan in 1040-1041.

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Quotes for betray:

  1. You can never betray the people who are dead, so you go on being a public Jew; the dead can't answer slurs, but I'm here. I would love to think that Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, but he doesn't.
  2. I like animals because they are not consciously cruel and don't betray each other.
  3. In politics it is necessary either to betray one's country or the electorate. I prefer to betray the electorate.
  4. When lovely woman stoops to folly, and finds too late that men betray, what charm can soothe her melancholy, what art can wash her guilt away?
  5. The chief internal enemies of any state are those public officials who betray the trust imposed upon them by the people.

Rhymes for betray:

  1. shea, kaye, gray, yea, say, fray, neigh, stray, mei, maye, stay, lay, play, haye, jaye, ley, pray, bay, prey, rey, jay, waye, yay, clay, wey, grey, sway, khe, slay, raye, hay, tay, nay, mae, che, brey, wy, wray, trey, ca, wei, kay, ae, dray, pei, whey, nej, se, fe, daye, gway, klay, dey, sze, ne, day, fey, way, tae, mey, spray, ay, sta, they, gaye, cray, ray, shay, lait, lei, hwe, jae, weigh, j, paye, re, k, brae, drey, may, rae, fay, bray, vey, frey, quai, ney, flay, hey, de, sleigh, faye, dae, graye, saye, bey, blay, cay, pay, quay, tray;
  2. delray, survey, portray, away, gervais, sergei, manet, buffet, macrae, bombay, essay, today, saute, ha, o'shea, purvey, ballet, dismay, b-j, decay, puree, souffle, cathay, toupee, dossier, belay, nisei, repay, renee, carre, calais, cafe, halfway, astray, olay, rene, croquet, fillet, millay, valet, defray, parquet, hervey, sorbet, ek, moray, orsay, okay, crochet, jose, dk, beret, delay, passe, da, prepay, cliche, asay, bouquet, levey, mcveigh, hooray, ole, display, filet, allay, cache, chalet, risque, nikkei, obey, ga, soiree, mccrea, array, mckay, mackay, replay, convey, beauvais, oj, hurray, abbe, monet;
  3. bouvier, aaa, jna, intraday, monterrey, ita, underway, disarray, fiance, monterey, ekk, chevrolet, lyonnais, perrier, overstay, piaget, disobey, dak, cabernet, bta, cabaret, bua, attache, overplay, cea, faberge, ira, underplay, uva;
  4. ceta, noaa, communique, cabriolet, asea, hiaa, foia, naivete;
  5. waga;

Translations for betray:

Afrikaans word for Betray


Arabic word for Betray


Bengali word for Betray

গুপ্তরহস্য প্রকাশ করা.

Chinese words for Betray

背叛, 叛, 贰, 叛卖, 叛变.

Dutch words for Betray

onthullen, verraden, schenden, verloochenen, prijsgeven, verklikken.

French words for Betray

livrer, abandonner, doubler, tromper, balancer, trahir.

German words for Betray

verraten, preisgeben, verlinken, tönen, hintergehen, die Treue brechen, an Verrat begehen.

Greek word for Betray


Italian word for Betray


Japanese word for Betray


Javanese word for Betray


Korean word for Betray


Malay word for Betray


Marathi word for Betray

विश्वासघात करणे.

Norwegian word for Betray


Polish word for Betray


Portuguese word for Betray


Romanian word for Betray

a trăda.

Russian word for Betray


Spanish words for Betray

revelar, delatar, traicionar, dejar entrever.

Swedish word for Betray


Tamil word for Betray


Turkish word for Betray

açığa vurmak.

Ukrainian word for Betray


Vietnamese word for Betray

phản bội.