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What does the abbreviation bill mean?


Bill as a boy's name is pronounced bil. It is of English origin. Nickname for William, used occasionally as an independent name. Before mid 19th century, Will was the more common nickname. Billie and Billy are pet forms, though Billie is frequently used for girls. Country-western singer Billy Ray Cyrus; singer Billy Joel; actors Bill Cosby, Billy Crystal, Bill Bixby, Billy Crudup, Billy Bob Thornton; designer Bill Blass.

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What are the rhymes for bill?

  1. skill, we'll, grill, zil, nill, stil, lill, shill, swill, il, dill, fril, zill, sill, brill, jil, spill, will, fil, prill, ville, mill, drill, pill, phil, til, chill, fill, nil, still, gil, jill, krill, grille, pil, mil, gill, wil, hill, mille, thrill, thill, lille, till, twill, shrill, sil, trill, quill, bil, lil, frill, ill, hille, rill;
  2. brazil, instill, seville, until, fulfill, refill, belleville, uphill, demille, sunil, abril, goodwill, distill, distil, bastille;

What are the translations for bill?

Afrikaans words for Bill

rekening, wetsontwerp.

Arabic word for Bill


Bengali word for Bill


Chinese words for Bill

法案, 账单, 帐单, 开单, 招贴.

Dutch words for Bill

factuur, factureren, wetsvoorstel, snavel, bil.

French words for Bill

facture, facturer, addition, affiche, loi, projet de loi, bec, cartel.

German words for Bill

Note, Geldschein, berechnen, Liste, Schein, Entwurf, Rechnung, Vorlage, Wechsel, fakturieren, Tratte, Abrechnung, Bescheinigung, Faktura, bekanntgeben, Gesetzentwurf, Gesetzesentwurf, Banknote, Zeche, Motion, Klageschrift, Plakat, Schnabel, Gesetzesvorlage, Rechnung im Wirtshaus, Anklageschrift, Aufzählung, eine Rechnung senden.

Greek word for Bill


Hindi word for Bill


Italian words for Bill

fattura, distinta, bolletta, disegno di legge, becco, cambiale, parcella, progetto di legge.

Japanese words for Bill

請求書, ビル, お札, くちばし, 嘴, 勘定書, 払い, 枚, かんじょうがき, 付出し, つけだし, せいきゅうしょ, かんじょうしょ, 御札, かいけい, ビラ, かけきん, 掛け, おさつ, せいさんしょ, 掛金, 書付, びら, 喙, 付け出し, 觜, 勘定書き, 精算書, 掛け金, はらい.

Javanese word for Bill


Korean word for Bill


Marathi word for Bill


Norwegian word for Bill


Polish words for Bill

lista, ustawa, rachunek, banknot, projekt ustawy, weksel, kwit.

Portuguese words for Bill

fatura, faturar, conta, lei, projeto de lei, cédula, bilhete, bico, cartaz, conto.

Romanian word for Bill


Russian words for Bill

выставлять счёт, выписывать накладную, включать в счёт.

Spanish words for Bill

nota, programa, factura, facturar, billete, cuenta, proyecto de ley, pico, recibo, cobrar, boleto.

Tamil word for Bill


Ukrainian word for Bill


Vietnamese word for Bill

hóa đơn.