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How To Spell bit?

Correct spelling: bit

List of misspellings for bit:

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  • btvai,
  • botto,
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What does the abbreviation bit mean?


God's promise; God is my oath
Bit as a girl's name is a variant of Elizabeth (Hebrew), and the meaning of Bit is "God's promise; God is my oath".

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Record label

8bitpeoples is an artist collective and netlabel centered in New York City that focuses around the 8-bit aesthetic, which is heavily influenced by vintage videogames. 8bitpeoples was founded in 1999 by Jeremiah "Nullsleep" Johnson and Mike "Tangible" Hanlon.



1972 film

Bordellet is a 1972 Danish theatrical sex comedy film made by pornographic pioneer Ole Ege and was Denmark's first full-length hardcore pornographic feature film.

Pegsdon Hills and Hoo Bit


Nature preserve in Pegsdon, England

Pegsdon Hills and Hoo Bit is a 79 hectare nature reserve in Pegsdon in Bedfordshire. It is managed by the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.

Shane Bitney Crone


American filmmaker

Shane Bitney Crone is an American filmmaker, writer, speaker, and advocate for LGBT rights.

The Bit Part


1987 film

The Bit Part is a 1987 Australian comedy film starring Chris Haywood and Nicole Kidman.David Stratton, and featuring Wilbur Wild, Des 'Animal' McKenna and Red Symons from The Hey Hey Its Saturday Band, starring as a joke Biker Mob.

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This graph shows how "bit" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for bit:

  1. mitt, kit, plitt, witt, brit, it, slit, skit, writ, sit, knit, split, splitt, fit, pit, mit, hitt, fitt, kitt, flit, ritt, smit, grit, spit, wit, vitt, schmitt, hit, pitt, nit, chit, britt, whit, litt, schmidt, lit, quit, get;
  2. lafitte, omit, admit, transmit, gillett, commit, prewitt, emit, unfit, refit, permit, remit, dewitt, submit, legit, acquit, befit;
  3. recommit, readmit, resubmit;

Translations for bit:

Afrikaans word for Bit


Arabic word for Bit

جُزْء صَغِير.

Chinese word for Bit


Dutch words for Bit

beetje, boor.

French words for Bit

bout, parcelle, morceau, brin, foret, mors.

German words for Bit

Partie, Bit, Bisschen, Trense, Bohrerspitze, Kandare, Bart, Gebiss, Deut, Schlüsselbart, Bissen, Häppchen, Binärzeichen.

Greek word for Bit


Hindi word for Bit


Italian words for Bit

poco, pezzo, briciolo.

Japanese words for Bit

ちっとやそっと, ビト.

Javanese word for Bit


Korean word for Bit

작은 조각.

Malay word for Bit


Marathi word for Bit


Norwegian word for Bit


Portuguese words for Bit

ponta, pedaço, pitada, bocadinho, pedacinho, tempero, partícula.

Romanian word for Bit


Russian words for Bit

бит, кусочек.

Spanish words for Bit

punta, rato, pizca, pedazo, trozo, bocado, fragmento, broca, trocito, dígito binario.

Swedish word for Bit


Tamil word for Bit


Ukrainian word for Bit


Vietnamese word for Bit