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Correct spelling: Blair


Common misspellings for Blair:

bair, brair, blairs, belair, blaire, bliar.

Blair \b-lair\

field, plain
Blair as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Blair), is pronounced blare. It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Blair is "field, plain". Scottish surname now used as a given name, in origin a local name from places named with Gaelic "blar". Used somewhat more for girls than for boys since the early 1980s.
Buhler, Bueller.
Blaire, Blayre, Blayr.

Blair \b-lair\

plain, field
Blair as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Blair), is pronounced blare. It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Blair is "plain, field". Place name. Also a transferred use of the Scottish surname. Actress Blair Brown.
Blaire, Blayre.

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Examples of usage for Blair:

  1. To be sure he was- didn't get along with Blair. "The Crisis, Volume 6" , Winston Churchill.
  2. On the seventh day after Raphael Poe's arrival in Moscow, the other four men met in Blair House, across the street from the White House, in a room especially prepared for the purpose. "The Foreign Hand Tie" , Gordon Randall Garrett.
  3. Blair, like Thomson, living in Scotland, was outside the Pope circle of wit, and had studied the old English authors instead of Pope and Dryden. "English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century" , Leslie Stephen.

Quotes for Blair:

  1. When we were making the law, when we were writing the literature and the mathematics the grandfarthers of Blair and little Bush were scratching around in caves. - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
  2. I personally hold Blair more responsible for this war than I do George Bush. The reason is, Blair knows better, Blair is not an idiot. What is he doing hanging around this guy? - Michael Moore
  3. So, Blair keep your England, and let me keep my Zimbabwe. - Robert Mugabe
  4. I mean that the time where we need International agreement more than ever on the environment and the rest, poverty we are breaking up our International Institutions and the rule of law and Tony Blair is part of it. - Clare Short
  5. I think people are just really disappointed, disappointed with Blair as well, who's just like Bush's lapdog. I think everyone's just disillusioned with politics in our country, and it must be the same in your country. - Paul Weller

Rhymes for Blair:

  1. abair, adair, adaire, affair, alair, allaire, astaire, aware, belair, beware, comair, compare, declare, despair, dispair, ensnare, forswear, impair, mcnair, midair, moliere, montclair, o'hare, pierre, prepare, repair, sinclair, swissair, unfair, voltaire.
  2. aer, billionaire, debonair, disrepair, doctrinaire, icelandair, javier, millionaire, questionnaire, solitaire, unaware, usair.
  3. air, baer, bahr, bair, bare, bear, blare, care, chair, cher, clair, claire, clare, dare, darr, derr, err, eyre, fair, faire, fare, fer, ferre, flair, flare, gair, gare, gehr, glare, guerre, hair, hare, hehr, heir, herr, kehr, khmer, lair, lare, lehr, mair, maire, mare, mer, nair, ne'er, pair, pare, pear, prayer, rare, sare, sayre, scare, serr, share, skare, snare, spare, square, stair, stare, swear, tear, terre, their, there, they're, ware, wear, werre, where.
  4. concessionaire.
  5. multimillionaire.
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