How To Spell blame?

Correct spelling: blame

What is the definition of blame?

  1. Hurt; injury.

What does the abbreviation blame mean?

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What are the rhymes for blame?

  1. lame, fame, reclaim, bame, mayme, game, inflame, exclaim, brame, boehm, graeme, dame, damme, rename, tame, claim, haim, name, boehme, proclaim, flame, same, came, frame, maim, aim, shame, mame, baim, aime, ame;
  2. aflame, defame, disclaim, acclaim, ballgame, ashame, declaim, became;
  3. overcame;

What are the translations for blame?

Arabic word for Blame


Bengali word for Blame


Chinese words for Blame

咎, 怪, 归咎, 怨, 怪责, 怪罪, 过错, 切责, 嗔怪, 申斥, 质难, 非难.

Dutch word for Blame


French words for Blame

blâmer, en vouloir à, rendre responsable, blâme, culpabilité, gronder, faute, accuser, culpabiliser, reproche, reprocher.

German words for Blame

Schuld, Vorwurf, beschuldigen, Verschulden, tadeln, Tadel, Schuld geben, verantwortlich machen, rügen.

Hindi word for Blame


Italian word for Blame


Japanese words for Blame

責め, とがめ, 咎め, 糾弾, せめ, 難癖を付ける, ひなん, きゅうだん, 帰す, なんくせをつける, もんせき, 難癖付ける, 嬲る, かしゃく, 問責, 難癖をつける, 帰する, 呵責, なぶる, なんくせつける, 糺弾.

Javanese word for Blame


Korean word for Blame


Malay word for Blame


Norwegian word for Blame


Polish words for Blame

wina, potępienie, obwinić.

Portuguese words for Blame

responsabilidade, culpas, responsabilizar, censurar.

Romanian word for Blame

a învinui.

Russian words for Blame

порицание, винить, осуждать, порицать.

Spanish words for Blame

responsabilidad, culpa, culpar, acusar, culpabilidad, culpabilizar.

Swedish word for Blame

skylla på.

Tamil word for Blame


Vietnamese word for Blame

đổ lỗi.