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How To Spell Blurring?

Correct spelling: Blurring

List of misspellings for Blurring:

  • flurring,
  • bludring,
  • bluring,
  • blurribg,
  • lurring,
  • glurring,
  • blurriny,
  • blyrring,
  • blurrijg,
  • alurring,
  • bluiding,
  • blurrung,
  • blurrkng,
  • buliiing,
  • blareing,
  • allureing,
  • bluepring,
  • nlurring,
  • burling,
  • flarring,
  • blurr8ng,
  • bouring,
  • blu8rring,
  • bluding,
  • luering,
  • blurrinb,
  • blur5ing,
  • blurting,
  • bourring,
  • eluring,
  • alureing,
  • bpurring,
  • bklurring,
  • blkurring,
  • blpurring,
  • vblurring,
  • blirring,
  • blur4ing,
  • blairingly,
  • blurrihg,
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  • bnlurring,
  • blurrint,
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  • blurried,
  • bewlidering,
  • bilirubin,
  • blueing,
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  • laurrine,
  • blurrimg,
  • blueridge.

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Examples of usage for Blurring:

  1. Then he turned round and called out to the dejected little figure standing where he had left it in the sandy road with the grey curtain of mist blurring it: " It really is everybody's duty to know at least something of what's being done in the world." – The Pastor's Wife by Elizabeth von Arnim

Translations for Blurring:

Afrikaans word for Blurring


Arabic word for Blurring

عدم وضوح.

French words for Blurring

flou, estompement, floutage.

German words for Blurring

verschwimmen, Verwischung, Aufweichung, Weichzeichnen, Verschwimmung.

Greek word for Blurring


Italian word for Blurring


Japanese word for Blurring


Malay word for Blurring


Norwegian word for Blurring


Polish word for Blurring


Portuguese word for Blurring


Romanian word for Blurring


Russian words for Blurring

смазывание, затуманивание, размывание границ, расплывчатость.

Spanish words for Blurring

difuminado, borrosidad, desenfoque, desdibujamiento, pérdida de definición, difuminando.

Swedish word for Blurring


Vietnamese word for Blurring

làm mờ.