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How To Spell Boats?

Correct spelling: Boats

List of misspellings for Boats:

  • botyh,
  • bodace,
  • boitics,
  • sabbats,
  • boatt,
  • bodacois,
  • bottums,
  • bootys,
  • boads,
  • beafits,
  • boals,
  • botols,
  • beates,
  • barts,
  • beatals,
  • bowties,
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  • bratz,
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What does the abbreviation Boats mean?

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Boats that Built Britain


British television series

The Boats that Built Britain is a British award-winning documentary television series directed by Lawrence Walford and produced by Form Films for the BBC.

Bristol Boats


Bristol Boats is an Indian fiberglass boat manufacturer and marine engineering service provider. It is located in the backwaters of Cochin at Aroor Industrial Development Area, Allappuzha District, Kerala.

Centurion Boats


Centurion Boats, owned by Fineline Industries, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of water sports boats, primarily tow boats for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. It was founded by current owner Rick Lee. Its headquarters and manufacturing operations are in Merced, California.

Loch Long


Loch in the United Kingdom

Loch Long is a body of water in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. The Sea Loch extends from the Firth of Clyde at its southwestern end. It measures approximately 20 miles in length, with a width of between 1 and 2 miles. The loch also has an arm, Loch Goil, on its western side. Loch Long forms part of the coast of the Cowal peninsula and forms the entire western coastline of the Rosneath Peninsula. Loch Long was historically the boundary between Argyll and Dunbartonshire. However, in 1996 boundary redrawing meant that it moved wholly within the council area of Argyll and Bute.

Rye Harbour


Village in England

Rye Harbour is a village located on the East Sussex coast in southeast England, near the estuary of the River Rother: it is part of the civil parish of Icklesham. Rye Harbour is located some two miles downstream of the town of Rye.

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Rhymes for Boats:

  1. goats, cotes, motes, totes, gloats, oates, oats, dotes, notes, moats, floats, throats, coats, bloats, votes, quotes;
  2. devotes, connotes, promotes, denotes;

Translations for Boats:

Dutch words for Boats

boten, schepen.

Polish words for Boats

łodzie, statki.