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How To Spell bock?

Correct spelling: bock

List of misspellings for bock:

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Related words for bock

Daisy de Bock


Olympic athlete

Daisy de Bock is a Belgian sport shooter. She has been selected to compete for Belgium in air rifle shooting at the 2004 Summer Olympics, and has yielded numerous top 10 finishes in a major international competition, spanning the ISSF World Cup series and the European Championships.

Edmund A. Bock



Edmund A. Bock was an American politician who served as the Mayor of Salt Lake City in 1920.

J. Kathryn Bock



J. Kathryn Bock is currently professor of psychology and linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Champaign, Illinois, where she conducts research in the Language Production Laboratory at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology in Urbana, Illinois with Dr.

Ludwig Böck


German nordic combined skier

Ludwig Böck was a German skier. He competed at the 1928 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, where he placed seventh in Nordic combined, and 14th in the 18 km cross-country. In 1935 Böck founded the first skiing school at Nesselwang.

Peter Bock



Peter Bock is a Wisconsin politician. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Bock graduated from Marquette University High School and from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. He also went to the University of Notre Dame. Bock worked at a parcel company and was a laborer.

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Rhymes for bock:

  1. nock, schlock, spock, boch, bok, bach, och, mach, floc, locke, frock, rock, crock, roc, chalk, wok, lock, chok, bloc, tock, lok, krock, haak, shock, flock, vlok, sock, roch, sok, dock, mok, stock, brok, kroc, jacques, loch, clock, poch, hock, broc, walk, kok, smock, doc, croc, blok, pock, glock, block, jock, kloc, chock, mock, bloch, caulk, hoc, knock, brock, hoch;
  2. o'clock, iraq, isaak, undock, restock, bangkok, unlock;
  3. antiknock, overstock, interlock;

Translations for bock:

Arabic word for Bock


Chinese word for Bock


German word for Bock


Japanese word for Bock


Javanese word for Bock


Marathi word for Bock


Turkish word for Bock

siyah bira.

Ukrainian word for Bock


Vietnamese word for Bock

bia đen.