How To Spell bold?

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What does the abbreviation bold mean?

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What are the rhymes for bold?

  1. bowled, gold, fold, nold, wold, golde, cold, strolled, sold, roald, hold, poled, holde, holed, told, rolled, tolled, scold, mould, doled, olde, old, dold, polled, nolde, mold, vold;
  2. unsold, ahold, controlled, consoled, enfold, enrolled, unfold, untold, extolled, foretold, patrolled, outsold, behold, withhold, remold, cajoled, paroled, twofold, uphold, resold;
  3. oversold, uncontrolled, decontrolled, undersold;

What are the translations for bold?

Arabic word for Bold


Bengali word for Bold


Chinese word for Bold


Dutch words for Bold

gedurfd, moedig, gewaagd, stoutmoedig, krachtig, brutaal, dapper, vetgedrukt, vrijmoedig, kordaat, doortastend, vrijpostig.

French words for Bold

bravo, firme, audacieux, vif, insolent, puissant, audace, courageux, ambitieux, radical, hardi.

German words for Bold

deutlich, fett, kühn, mutig, gewagt, frech, plakativ, kräftig, wagemutig, keck, verwegen, dreist, steil, Gras.

Hindi word for Bold


Japanese words for Bold

大胆, ボールド, きもがふとい, 太太しい, おくめんもない, 太々しい, 肝が太い, 図太い, だいたん, ふてぶてしい, 臆面もない, つらのかわがあつい.

Javanese word for Bold


Malay word for Bold


Marathi word for Bold


Norwegian word for Bold


Polish words for Bold

pogrubiony, odważny, tłusty, zuchwały, chwacki, pogrubienie.

Portuguese words for Bold

forte, negrito, ousada, corajoso, ousado, inovador, confiante, ousados, audacioso, ousadas, audazes, destemido, destemida, duras, valente, temerário.

Russian words for Bold

дерзкий, отважный, самоуверенный.

Spanish words for Bold

destacado, atrevido, fuerte, audaces, audaz, valiente, negrita, llamativo, vivo, osado, descarado, ambicioso, arrojado, valeroso, aventurado, corajudo, impetuoso.

Swedish word for Bold


Tamil word for Bold


Turkish word for Bold


Vietnamese words for Bold

vẹt, đậm.