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How To Spell bole?

Correct spelling: bole

Definition of bole:

  1. a soft oily clay used as a pigment (especially a reddish brown pigment)

List of misspellings for bole:

  • belove,
  • blooy,
  • beleaf,
  • mbile,
  • bloew,
  • beolw,
  • bouble,
  • bleue,
  • goole,
  • blmae,
  • bould,
  • berley,
  • bozze,
  • baove,
  • binle,
  • ble,
  • bille,
  • boque,
  • woble,
  • bluee,
  • boeer,
  • bilve,
  • bushle,
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  • bolld,
  • biofule,
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  • bove.

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Rhymes for bole:

  1. kohl, sole, soul, noll, roll, cole, noell, skoal, droll, troll, buol, scroll, stroll, roehl, boll, colle, kol, nole, mole, knoll, toll, thole, dhole, tole, bowl, stole, goal, kole, sol, pole, sowle, stol, wohl, seoul, whole, sohl, coal, hole, role, foal, ohl, pohl, shoal, poll, rol, dole, nohl, rolle;
  2. enroll, pistole, unroll, patrol, cajole, parole, ecole, ole, extol, control, viole, console, nicolle, nicole;
  3. decontrol, self-control;

Translations for bole:

Arabic word for Bole


Bengali word for Bole

গাছের গুঁড়ি.

Chinese word for Bole


Dutch word for Bole


German word for Bole


Hindi word for Bole


Japanese word for Bole


Korean word for Bole


Marathi word for Bole


Russian word for Bole


Spanish words for Bole

tronco, bole.

Tamil word for Bole


Turkish word for Bole

ağaç gövdesi.

Ukrainian word for Bole


Vietnamese word for Bole

thân cây.