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Correct spelling: border


Definition of border:

  1. The edge of anything; margin; boundary; frontier; a flower- bed.
  2. To make or adorn with a border; to reach or be contiguous to.
  3. To be adjacent; to approach.

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Examples of usage for border:

  1. The money he had won in his last fight, together with what he had accumulated before- for he was a frugal man- was enough to keep him for the rest of his days, and he resolved to return to the Border town where he was born, and where doubtless his fame had preceded him.
  2. He is so used to marrying folk who come from England across the Border that he thinks not it his daughter who came with thee, but two who wished to wed.
  3. The whole of the drive to Monmouth is through a succession of noble views, only to be equalled, as far as our travelling experience extends, by the stage on the Scottish border, between Longtown and Langholm.

Quotes for border:

  1. There is $1. 4 billion a day in trade that goes back and forth across the border. That means millions of jobs and livelihoods for families here in Canada and for families in the United States. - Paul Cellucci
  2. Illegal immigration is a genuinely national issue, and resolving it requires a national commitment not just on health care but also border control, law enforcement and other resources. - Jon Kyl
  3. I'm from Middlesboro, Ky., a little town on the Tennessee and Virginia border. - Lee Majors
  4. I think it is important also to recognize that our Customs border protection officers who secure our borders and conduct inspections of people in vehicles and cargo are also facing staffing shortages. - Kendrick Meek
  5. We must safely secure our border by investing in more law enforcement and technology, and receiving cooperation from the Mexican government. - Timothy Murphy

Rhymes for border:

  1. boarder, order, warder.
  2. disorder, recorder, reorder.

Idioms for border:

  1. border on sth
  2. border ( up) on sth
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