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How To Spell border?

Correct spelling: border

Definition of border:

  1. form the boundary of; be contiguous to

List of misspellings for border:

  • bourder,
  • borward,
  • boerder,
  • eorder,
  • borhter,
  • bedder,
  • botter,
  • cybord,
  • birthorder,
  • bordom,
  • boudary,
  • brouder,
  • bodey,
  • bordeom,
  • boordom,
  • borthday,
  • bertter,
  • borther,
  • boardd,
  • borker,
  • deorder,
  • theorder,
  • bloder,
  • ordeer,
  • boher,
  • boders,
  • bodiee,
  • bordeer,
  • boarderd,
  • boader,
  • ordar,
  • bouduir,
  • boter,
  • bodher,
  • borded,
  • bordor,
  • boluder,
  • morder,
  • bourders,
  • aborde,
  • bordely,
  • bordum,
  • quorder,
  • buider,
  • booter,
  • boudiour,
  • brode,
  • birday,
  • norder,
  • furder,
  • boder,
  • bordrer,
  • bouied,
  • biddear,
  • bordem,
  • berden,
  • boardem,
  • burders,
  • sorde,
  • bordes,
  • aorder,
  • breder,
  • bordam,
  • ordear,
  • berter,
  • boarden,
  • badder,
  • boade,
  • boeer,
  • sorder,
  • boerdom,
  • bottor,
  • broder,
  • blouder,
  • bordly,
  • farder,
  • boodter,
  • burdern,
  • dieorder,
  • bouder,
  • bordome,
  • oorder,
  • diorder,
  • horder,
  • corder,
  • broter,
  • board'my,
  • bourd,
  • ordee,
  • forder,
  • bordors,
  • bonde,
  • borderd,
  • bordeau,
  • bordeum,
  • boreder,
  • borader,
  • borde,
  • boerd,
  • boarde.

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Border Incident


1949 film

Border Incident is a 1949 film noir directed by Anthony Mann. The MGM film was written by John C. Higgins and George Zuckerman.

Border Radio


1987 film

Border Radio is a 1987 independent film directed by Allison Anders, Dean Lent and Kurt Voss, in which two musicians and a roadie who haven't been paid rob money from a club and one flees to Mexico leaving his wife and daughter behind.

Mauritania–Senegal Border War


Military conflict

The Mauritania–Senegal Border War was a conflict fought between the West African countries of Mauritania and Senegal during 1989–1991.

Moldova–Romania border


The Moldova – Romania border is the international border between Moldova and Romania. It is a fluvial boundary, following the course of the Prut and Danube. The boundary is 681.3 kilometres long, including 570 metres along the Danube.

State Border of Ukraine


State Border of Ukraine is an international boundary of the state territory of Ukraine. According to the Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine on the State Border it is a line and a vertical surface that stretches along that line, which define the boundary of territory of Ukraine over the land, water, and air space.

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Examples of usage for border:

  1. The whole of the drive to Monmouth is through a succession of noble views, only to be equalled, as far as our travelling experience extends, by the stage on the Scottish border between Longtown and Langholm.

Rhymes for border:

  1. order, boarder, warder;
  2. recorder, disorder, reorder;

Translations for border:

Arabic word for Border


Bengali word for Border


Chinese words for Border

边境, 畛, 镶, 垠, 埸, 边头.

Dutch word for Border


French words for Border

longer, contour, limite, rive, confiner, confiné, border.

German words for Border

Abschluss, Rahmen, Grenze, Besatz, Rand, begrenzen, Abgrenzung, Bord, Kante, umranden, Leiste, Begrenzung, Trennlinie, Umrandung, Saum, Einfassung, einfassen, Grenzen, umgrenzen, Beet, Grenzlinie, Linde, Zierleiste, Borte, Bordüre, Umgrenzung, angrenzen, Randleiste, Borde, Umrahmung, Landesgrenze, Randverzierung, Rabatte, Scheidelinie, Randbeet, Schmuckleiste, an anschließen, endeln, danebenliegen.

Greek word for Border


Hindi word for Border


Javanese word for Border


Korean word for Border


Malay word for Border


Marathi word for Border


Norwegian word for Border


Polish word for Border


Portuguese word for Border


Romanian word for Border


Spanish words for Border

frontera, margen, ribete.

Swedish word for Border


Tamil word for Border


Turkish word for Border


Ukrainian word for Border


Vietnamese word for Border

biên giới.