How To Spell bore?

Correct spelling: bore

What is the definition of bore?

  1. cause to be bored

What does the abbreviation bore mean?

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What are the rhymes for bore?

  1. livor, restore, schnorr, underscore, hoar, glor, scor, mor, bohr, flor, roar, mohr, goar, gore, pore, ore, hardcore, postwar, warr, torre, swore, ignore, morr, or, floor, nohr, corr, inshore, your, dorr, cohr, torr, more, lore, spore, wore, store, corps, tor, igor, rapport, explore, outscore, laur, glore, soar, fore, boar, dore, saur, yore, four, chore, ohr, tore, nor, galore, core, outpour, door, porr, gabor, lenore, vore, timor, score, lahore, orr, prewar, flore, ngor, sedor, war, mazor, coar, thor, dior, oar, pour, deplore, wor, m4, moore, por, sor, drawer, boer, shore, loar, implore, senor, offshore, d'or, snore, gorr, sore, laure, lor, cor;
  2. adore, bator, afore, before, ador, c4, decor, ashore, abhor, amour, cat-4;
  3. anymore, livermore, antiwar, heretofore, guarantor;

What are the translations for bore?

Arabic word for Bore

يـُمْلِل على.

Bengali word for Bore


Chinese word for Bore


Dutch words for Bore

boren, boor, doorboren, gebaar, vervelen, boorgat, boring.

French words for Bore

ennuyer, percer, forer, lasser.

German words for Bore

Mensur, Kaliber, Langweiler, Bohrloch, Durchmesser, Bohrung, bohren, langweiliger Mensch, langweilen, ausbohren, Rollo, Innendurchmesser, lichte Weite, Flutbrandung, langweilige Sache, Flutwelle, sich bohren, anbohren.

Greek word for Bore

προκαλώ ανία.

Hindi word for Bore


Italian word for Bore


Japanese words for Bore

ボア, 内径, えぐる, あかす, 鼻摘まみ, あかせる, 飽かす, 鼻摘み, 剔る, 厭かす, 飽かせる, はなつまみ, ないけい, 穴をあける.

Javanese word for Bore


Korean word for Bore

구멍을 뚫다.

Malay word for Bore


Norwegian word for Bore


Polish word for Bore


Portuguese words for Bore

aborrecer, perfurar, furar, buraco, furo, entediar, maçar, diâmetro.

Romanian word for Bore

a plictisi.

Russian word for Bore


Spanish words for Bore

hueco, perforar, taladrar, lata, agujero, diámetro, calibre, perforación, fastidio, aburrir, abertura, cansar, cilindro, orificio, importunar.

Swedish word for Bore

tråka ut.

Tamil word for Bore


Turkish word for Bore


Ukrainian word for Bore


Vietnamese word for Bore

làm cho chán.