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What are the rhymes for boss?

  1. loss, fross, dos, ros, poss, koss, bloss, oss, dross, sauce, cross, noss, cos, ploss, yoss, coss, pross, moss, gloss, toss, los, joss, cros, voss, goss, soss, doss;
  2. lacrosse, emboss, across, exhausts, amoss, recross;

What are the translations for boss?

Arabic word for Boss


Bengali word for Boss


Dutch words for Boss

bos, voorman.

French words for Boss

Baas, patronne, employeur.

German words for Boss

Vorgesetzter, Chef, Chefin, Meister, Herr, Boss, Buckel, Oberhaupt, Patron, Knopf, Auge, Knauf, runder Vorsprung.

Greek word for Boss


Hindi word for Boss


Italian word for Boss


Japanese words for Boss

ボス, おやかた, 使いまわす, おんたい, かおやく, 親玉, 旗頭, 檀那, 大将, 棟梁, 頭領, 使い回す, 領袖, もとじめ, しゅりょう, とっき, かしらぶん, つかいまわす, りょうしゅう, じょうし, はたがしら, 司令塔, 頭分, 御大, だんな, おやだま, 顔役.

Korean word for Boss


Marathi word for Boss


Norwegian word for Boss


Polish words for Boss

szef, szefowa.

Portuguese words for Boss

chefe, capô, patrão, autoridade, chefão, patroa, diretora, mandachuva, barão.

Russian words for Boss

босс, шеф.

Spanish words for Boss

comandante, superior, jefe, patrona, jefa, dirigente, superiora.

Tamil word for Boss


Ukrainian word for Boss


Vietnamese word for Boss

ông chủ.