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How To Spell both?

Correct spelling: both

Definition of both:

  1. The one and the other; the two; the pair, without exception of either.

List of misspellings for both:

  • botoh,
  • coouth,
  • bothh,
  • bithc,
  • both,
  • belowthe,
  • brothor,
  • bioth,
  • 16tth,
  • blath,
  • baqth,
  • bothof,
  • wkth,
  • footh,
  • othe,
  • aouth,
  • gowth,
  • bouth,
  • wtth,
  • aoth,
  • deoth,
  • beother,
  • tth,
  • bithe,
  • 1bath,
  • 2bath,
  • bvath,
  • voth,
  • betha,
  • bithday,
  • bathk,
  • bothes,
  • yoth,
  • yuth,
  • rbath,
  • botu,
  • bethar,
  • baith,
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  • birrth,
  • bourth.

What does the abbreviation both mean?


dwelling place
Both as a boy's name is a variant of Booth (Middle English, Scandinavian), and the meaning of Both is "dwelling place".

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Rhymes for both:

  1. growth, loath, oath, troth, sloth, goethe;

Translations for both:

Arabic word for Both


Bengali word for Both


Chinese words for Both

两个, 都, 两者, 二者, 俩, 两者皆, 又, 双方都, 两者都.

Dutch words for Both

zowel, allebei, alle twee, getweeën.

French word for Both

les deux.

German words for Both

beide, beiderlei.

Greek word for Both


Hindi word for Both


Italian word for Both


Japanese words for Both

両方, 双方, 共, いずれも, 両方とも, どちらとも, 何れも, 乍ら, 両両, 二つながら, 両方共, ふたつとも, どれも, 両々, 二つ乍ら, 何方も, りょうほうとも, りょうほう, どちら共, 二つ共, ふたつながら, 両方の.

Javanese word for Both


Korean word for Both


Malay word for Both


Marathi word for Both


Polish word for Both


Portuguese word for Both


Romanian word for Both


Russian word for Both


Spanish words for Both

ambas, los dos, las dos.

Tamil word for Both


Turkish word for Both

her ikisi de.

Ukrainian word for Both


Vietnamese word for Both

cả hai.