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How To Spell bound?

Correct spelling: bound

What are the misspellings for bound ?

  • beand,
  • byand,
  • boundry,
  • roiund,
  • befound,
  • bouyant,
  • bondu,
  • byhond,
  • eound,
  • boyfiend,
  • abund,
  • btand,
  • beyouned,
  • broud,
  • bonde,
  • abount,
  • bruned,
  • beyonnd,
  • boudn,
  • bonned,
  • botney,
  • ruond,
  • bouns,
  • boud,
  • boundriy,
  • bougt,
  • beyiond,
  • rround,
  • bounary,
  • bownsed,
  • riound,
  • youneed,
  • behnid,
  • bundt,
  • behound,
  • beoned,
  • suond,
  • shound,
  • behund,
  • bouyed,
  • burnd,
  • boudy,
  • barnd,
  • boand,
  • thouand,
  • souind,
  • buned,
  • rouund,
  • bornt,
  • blound,
  • yound,
  • blunde,
  • souond,
  • knownd,
  • boundy,
  • thouend,
  • bounday,
  • boind,
  • bothwind,
  • beond,
  • boundier,
  • bonun,
  • bonue,
  • beoyond,
  • bount,
  • boundar,
  • abouned,
  • bejond,
  • boyband,
  • biund,
  • oubound,
  • bould,
  • baond,
  • soundd,
  • bundal,
  • 2pound,
  • 5pound,
  • wround,
  • theound,
  • beypnd,
  • jouned,
  • reobund,
  • bounsed,
  • gound,
  • aound,
  • beyaond,
  • woundd,
  • boune,
  • tound,
  • boundray,
  • boubt,
  • behoind,
  • dound,
  • foubnd,
  • bloud,
  • bagand,
  • uoand,
  • ound,
  • bourn,
  • bondi.

What is the definition of bound?

  1. form the boundary of; be contiguous to

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What are the quotes for bound?

  1. When two characters or two actresses are together for a while there is bound to be chemistry developing.
  2. Every friend to the liberty of his country is bound to reflect, and step forward to prevent the dreadful consequences which shall result from a government of events.
  3. By the will art thou lost, by the will art thou found, by the will art thou free, captive, and bound.
  4. There is something about killing people at close range that is excruciating. It's bound to try a man's soul.
  5. Billy Wilder is really is a heavy influence on Bound. We felt that film noir was a genre where you could create a really contained story. We wanted to be on a set as much as we could to get the kind of style level we were looking for.

What are the translations for bound?

Afrikaans word for Bound


Bengali word for Bound


Chinese words for Bound

限, 边际, 穷尽, 跳跃, 绑定.

Dutch words for Bound

gehouden, verbonden, gebonden, verplicht.

French words for Bound

limite, certain, tenu, relié, contraint, tenus, tenues.

German words for Bound

Satz, Grenze, gebunden, begrenzen, Sprung, verpflichtet, Legat, Schranke, broschiert, springen, einen Satz machen, Salto.

Greek word for Bound


Hindi word for Bound


Japanese words for Bound

バウンド, 境する, さかいする.

Malay word for Bound


Marathi word for Bound


Polish words for Bound

zobowiązany, powiązany.

Portuguese words for Bound

ligado, sujeito, obrigado, vinculados, obrigar, certo, unida, pular, vinculadas, destinada, encadernado, presos, delimitada, associado, bound.

Russian words for Bound

связанный, предел, привязанный, несвободный, непременный, рубеж.

Spanish words for Bound

seguro, sujeto, obligado, vinculado, saltar, atar, destinado, limitado, brincar, comprometido, vincular, limitar, atado, amarrado, cota, encuadernado, atados, ligadas, consolidado.

Swedish word for Bound


Turkish word for Bound


Ukrainian word for Bound