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Correct spelling: bound


Definition of bound:

  1. Destined; going, or intending to go.
  2. Of the verb to bind.
  3. Boundary; limit.
  4. A leap; a spring; a jump; a rebound.
  5. To set limits to; to restrain; to confine.
  6. To leap; to move forward by leaps.

Common misspellings for bound:

ound, boundy, boud, binded, stitcched, boudn, baond, boand, biund, baund, ebound, bouned, boung, bounde, bround.

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This graph shows how "bound" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for bound:

  1. People are bound to live up to their clothes.
  2. He's bound to stir up bad blood.
  3. They were not bound in any way. "Second Shetland Truck System Report" , William Guthrie.

Quotes for bound:

  1. When two characters or two actresses are together for a while there is bound to be chemistry developing. - Joan Van Ark
  2. Every friend to the liberty of his country is bound to reflect, and step forward to prevent the dreadful consequences which shall result from a government of events. - Henry Knox
  3. By the will art thou lost, by the will art thou found, by the will art thou free, captive, and bound. - Angelus Silesius
  4. There is something about killing people at close range that is excruciating. It's bound to try a man's soul. - Steven Spielberg
  5. Billy Wilder is really is a heavy influence on Bound. We felt that film noir was a genre where you could create a really contained story. We wanted to be on a set as much as we could to get the kind of style level we were looking for. - Larry Wachowski

Idioms for bound:

  1. duty bound to do sth
  2. bound up in sth
  3. duty bound
  4. bound up with sm or sth
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