How To Spell bouquets?

Correct spelling: bouquets

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What are the usage examples for bouquets?

  1. I know you are fond of the theatre, and of all the flattery you get, and bouquets and newspaper notices; but you might find another way of life just as satisfying to your pride- I mean a natural pride, a self- respect such as every woman should have. – Prince Fortunatus by William Black
  2. They may carry bouquets supplied by the bride's family or the groom. – The Book of Good Manners by W. C. Green

What are the rhymes for bouquets?

  1. delays, trays, lase, glaze, caches, hayes, lyonnaise, iras, hays, graze, grays, clays, chaise, frase, mais, raze, repays, braise, blase, dase, praise, blaize, haze, blaze, stays, rase, shays, wais, nase, crase, gaze, kays, lais, cafes, bayes, sprays, essays, defrays, res, surveys, frays, pais, decays, rephrase, leis, gays, maze, dais, betrays, dismays, mayes, polonaise, plays, blayze, lays, craze, slays, today's, brays, todays, oles, mays, claes, cliches, rays, weighs, preys, kase, reappraise, faze, sais, blaise, phase, malays, phrase, braze, baize, raise, daze, days, strays, gase, conveys, bays, sways, valets, jays, replays, maes, mase, hase, nays, pays, dossiers, filets, portrays, obeys, prays, malaise, displays, ways, berets, maize;
  2. ablaze, allays, ballets, belays, amaze, arrays, appraise;
  3. chevrolets, dismutase, lyonnais, cabernets;
  4. urokinase;

What are the translations for bouquets?

Dutch words for Bouquets

boeketten, bloemstukken.