How To Spell bourgeoisie?

Correct spelling: bourgeoisie

What is the definition of bourgeoisie?

  1. The middle class of citizens, esp. traders.

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What are the usage examples for bourgeoisie?

  1. Taxation ought to be in ratio of means, and indirect taxation- so much favoured by the bourgeoisie was simply an expedient for saving the rich at the expense of the poor. – Contemporary Socialism by John Rae

What are the rhymes for bourgeoisie?

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What are the translations for bourgeoisie?

Bengali word for Bourgeoisie


Chinese word for Bourgeoisie


Dutch words for Bourgeoisie

bourgeoisie, burgerij.

Greek word for Bourgeoisie

αστική τάξη.

Italian word for Bourgeoisie


Japanese word for Bourgeoisie


Korean word for Bourgeoisie


Malay word for Bourgeoisie


Marathi word for Bourgeoisie


Norwegian word for Bourgeoisie


Polish word for Bourgeoisie


Romanian word for Bourgeoisie


Spanish word for Bourgeoisie


Swedish word for Bourgeoisie


Tamil word for Bourgeoisie


Turkish word for Bourgeoisie


Vietnamese word for Bourgeoisie

chử lớn cở tám.