How To Spell boy?

Correct spelling: boy

What does the abbreviation boy mean?

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What are the usage examples for boy?

  1. You love that boy – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
  2. He was only a boy at that time. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1902 to 1903 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  3. But, my boy I have told you that I do not know how it might be. – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  4. " He is, my dear boy – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  5. " 'Twas the boy wanted to look. – Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
  6. " I'd like to see you make me tell," dared the boy – Madge Morton, Captain of the Merry Maid by Amy D. V. Chalmers
  7. No, boy that wouldn't work. – The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  8. But, my boy perhaps we ... – The Dueling Machine by Benjamin William Bova Myron R. Lewis
  9. " No, no, my boy said Standerton. – The Childerbridge Mystery by Guy Boothby
  10. What boy is this? – The Wife and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov

What are the rhymes for boy?

  1. coye, goy, hoy, yoy, joy, stoy, oye, roy, moy, ploy, coy, oi, floy, croy, oy, cloy, roi, neu, hoi, soy, doi, woy, joye, troy, oie, toy, loy, foy;
  2. deploy, enjoy, destroy, savoy, employ, bolshoi, elroy, annoy, mccoy, malloy, decoy;
  3. illinois, redeploy;

What are the translations for boy?

Afrikaans word for Boy


Arabic word for Boy


Bengali word for Boy


Chinese words for Boy

男孩, 男童, 男孩子, 男生, 童子, 童儿.

Dutch words for Boy

jongen, knul, knaap, jochie.

German word for Boy


Greek word for Boy


Italian words for Boy

ragazzo, fanciullo.

Japanese words for Boy

少年, 男の子, ボーイ, 男児, 一男, ギャルソン, いちなん, 坊や, おのこ, ぼうや, ぼっちゃま, カルソン, シーサン, 坊ち, 房主, 童子, だんじ, 坊主, ぼんち, 小童, ぼうず, 男のコ, 男の児, 彦, ガルソン, くん, おとこのこ.

Javanese word for Boy

Bocah lanang.

Korean word for Boy


Malay word for Boy

Budak lelaki.

Marathi word for Boy


Norwegian word for Boy


Polish word for Boy


Portuguese word for Boy


Romanian word for Boy


Spanish words for Boy

criado, hijo, joven, chico, muchacho, muchachito.

Swedish word for Boy


Tamil word for Boy


Turkish word for Boy


Vietnamese word for Boy

con trai.