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How To Spell brace?

Correct spelling: brace

Definition of brace:

  1. a structural member used to stiffen a framework

List of misspellings for brace:

  • brise,
  • brease,
  • balace,
  • biance,
  • breese,
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  • frace,
  • burrage,
  • brieface,
  • branz,
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What does the abbreviation brace mean?

Related words for brace

Brace 4 Impak


Studio album by Da Beatminerz

Brace 4 Impak is the debut studio album by American hip hop production team Da Beatminerz. It was released in 2001 via Rawkus Records, and was produced entirely by Da Beatminerz.

Brace Farm


Building complex in Herkimer County, New York

Brace Farm, also known as Pleasant Hill Stock Farm, is a historic home and farm located at Meetinghouse Green in Herkimer County, New York.

Charles Darrow


American inventor

Charles Brace Darrow was an American best known as the claimed inventor of the Monopoly board game. He became the first millionaire game-designer in history.

Crypt of the NecroDancer


Video game

Crypt of the NecroDancer is an independent video game developed by Brace Yourself Games. The game takes fundamental elements of a roguelike dungeon exploration game, and adds a beat-matching rhythm game set to an original soundtrack written by Danny Baranowsky.

Joab Brace


Joab Brace was an American minister. He was the son of Zenas and Mary Brace, and was born in West Hartford, Connecticut, June 13, 1781. He graduated from Yale University in 1804.

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Quotes for brace:

  1. ER was one of my favourites. I played a car accident victim who has leukemia. I got to wear a neck brace and nose tubes for the two days I worked.

Rhymes for brace:

  1. face, place, race, mace, vase, ace, caisse, case, cayce, encase, grace, heyse, lace, trace, pace, nace, space, erase, thrace, chase, embrace, glace, misplace, retrace, dace, wace, bass, incase, chace, lambastes, replace, base;
  2. debase, disgrace, deface, displace, efface, apace, abase;
  3. interlace;

Translations for brace:

Chinese words for Brace

撑, 背架, 撑腰, 抵住, 绷紧, 吊带.

Dutch word for Brace


French words for Brace

par, accolade, renforcer, attelle, orthèse, renfort, appareil dentaire, arc-bouter, entretoise, consolider, vilebrequin, corset, appareil orthopédique, entretoiser.

German words for Brace

befestigen, Gurt, anspannen, Zweig, versteifen, aussteifen, verankern, Anker, Versteifung, Klammer, Zahnspange, Strebe, Paar, verspannen, verstreben, brassen, abspreizen, absteifen, Doppelpack, Spange, Bohrwinde, geschweifte Klammer, Tragband, Stützband, Zahnklammer, Stützapparat, Steife, Brasse.

Italian word for Brace


Japanese words for Brace

ブレース, 支柱, シーネ, しちゅう, すじかい, ピンとはる, そえぎ, 筋交い, ピンと張る, ぴんとはる, 添え木, ぴんと張る.

Portuguese words for Brace

segurar, suportar, apoiar, suster, amarra.

Spanish words for Brace

asegurar, soporte, atadura, tirante, reforzar, llave, abrazadera, cinta, preparar, corchete, apuntalar, escorar, faja, corrector, refuerzo, puntal, riostra, braza, órtesis, cruceta.