How To Spell branch?

Correct spelling: branch

 \b-ran-ch, br(a)-nch\

paw; extension
Branch as a boy's name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Branch is "paw; extension". A place name that probably refers to a branch in a river or a path.

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What are the rhymes for branch?

  1. stanch, blanch, ranch, tranche, blanche;

What are the translations for branch?

Chinese words for Branch

分公司, 分支, 分行, 枝, 分会, 分枝.

Dutch words for Branch

filiaal, vestiging, bijkantoor, vertakking, afdeling.

French words for Branch

domaine, section, agence, rameau, bras, succursale.

German words for Branch

Branche, Division, Filiale, springen, abspringen, Antenne, sich verzweigen, Zweige treiben.

Japanese words for Branch

ブランチ, 支部, 枝, 支流, 分枝, 分派, ぶんし, 分かれ, 分会, 傍流, 支脈, ぶんかい, しみゃく, 分流, 枝分かれ, ぶんぱ, えだ, ぼうりゅう, 分課, しりゅう.

Polish word for Branch


Portuguese words for Branch

sede, galho, setor, vertente, especialidade, ramificação, delegação, subsidiária, dependência, território.

Russian words for Branch

отделение, отрасль, ветвь, подразделение, ветвиться, отходить, ответвление, сук, отрог.

Spanish words for Branch

especialidad, campo, sector, rama, sucursal, bifurcarse, tallo, tronco, esfera, filial, subsidiaria, ramo, oficina, brazo, delegación, ramificación, ramal, bifurcación, afluente, bifurcar.