How To Spell brand?

Correct spelling: brand

What is the definition of brand?

  1. A sword.


Brand as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Brand), is a variant of Brandy (English).

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What are the translations for brand?

Dutch words for Brand

merk, merknaam.

French words for Brand

marque, marquer, enseigné, stigmatiser, tison, brandon.

German words for Brand

Firma, kennzeichnen, Sorte, Label, Marke, brandmarken, Brand, Markenzeichen, Markenname, Handelsmarke, Markenartikel, Warenzeichen, Fabrikat, Brandzeichen, Brandmal, Schutzmarke, Stempel auf Waren, Brandfackel, Fackel, einbrennen, aufbrennen, mit seinem Zeichen versehen, Type.

Italian word for Brand


Polish words for Brand

rodzaj, marka, piętno, pochodnia.

Portuguese words for Brand

estigmatizar, insígnia, grife, tição.

Russian words for Brand

бренд, тавро, клеймо.

Spanish words for Brand

tipo, estilo, marcar, marca, etiquetar, excrecencia, tizón.