How To Spell brandy?

Correct spelling: brandy

 \b-ran-dy, br(a)-ndy\

Brandy as a girl's name is pronounced BRAN-dee. It is of English origin. The name of the distilled wine, which comes from the Dutch term "brandewijn", used as a given name. Also probably invented as a feminine version of Brandon. Brandi is also an Italian surname form of Brand, meaning "sword". Pop singer Brandy.
  • brand,
  • Brandin,
  • Brandyn,
  • Brandell,
  • Brann,
  • Brantley,
  • Branda,
  • Brandily,
  • Brandelyn,
  • Brandace,
  • Brandais,
  • Brandala,
  • Brande,
  • Brandea,
  • Brandee,
  • Brandei,
  • Brandeli,
  • Brandelle,
  • Brandi,
  • Brandice,
  • Brandie,
  • Brandii,
  • Brandis,
  • Brandise,
  • Brandyce,
  • Brandye,
  • Branell,
  • Brani,
  • Branndais,
  • Brannde,
  • Branndea,
  • Branndi,
  • Branndie,
  • Branyell,
  • DeBranda.

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What are the rhymes for brandy?

  1. randi, sandi, sandie, tandy, sandy, mandy, randy, handy, mandie, zandy, shandy;
  2. andie, dandy, candee, candie, bandy, andy, brandi, candy;
  3. operandi;

What are the translations for brandy?

Dutch words for Brandy

brandewijn, brandewijn.

French words for Brandy

eau-de-vie, brandy, cognac.