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How To Spell brat?

Correct spelling: brat

Definition of brat:

  1. A coarse garment or cloak; also, coarse clothing, in general.

List of misspellings for brat:

  • buerau,
  • bart,
  • brutl,
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What does the abbreviation brat mean?

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Album by Da Brat

Anuthatantrum is a Rap album by Da Brat. It was released in 1996 and went Gold in 1997. A single culled from the album was "Ghetto Love", which featured TLC member Tionne Watkins and peaked at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100.



Comic book series

Brat Pack is the title of a comic book limited series by Rick Veitch. It is a dark satire on superhero sidekicks, influenced partly by the fans' decision to kill off Batman's sidekick Jason Todd, but also built on other long-standing rumors and undercurrents in the history of the superhero genre, prominently commercialism, homosexuality, pedophilia, violence, and the fascist tendencies inherent in superheroes.

Chyornie Bratya


Chyornye Bratya is collectively the name for a pair of uninhabited volcanic islands located between Simushir and Urup in the Kuril Islands chain in the Sea of Okhotsk in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

Emotion Production



Emotion Production is a Serbian media company based in Belgrade municipality of Stari Grad and registered as a limited liability company. Emotion produces television content. The company's ownership is 100% by IMGS which is owned by Goran Stamenković.

Geri Reischl


American actress

Geri Lee Reischl is an American actress and singer, known for her work as a child actress in the 1970s, most notably as Jan Brady on the variety show The Brady Bunch Hour and various television commercials.

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Rhymes for brat:

  1. fat, batt, cat, scat, mat, that, at, tat, rat, chat, stat, matte, kat, hatt, flat, vat, blatt, lat, gnat, spat, platte, dat, platt, matt, splat, sat, hat, patt, slat, gatt, bratt, bat, pratt, nat, pat, catt, katt, krat, gat;
  2. landsat, nonfat, begat, at-bat, combat, cravat, elat, sadat;
  3. gujarat, inmarsat, rat-a-tat;
  4. hnat;

Translations for brat:

Dutch word for Brat


French words for Brat

sale gosse, morveux, sale morveux, sale gamin.

Japanese words for Brat

ガキ, わんぱくぼうず, 餓鬼, 小職, わるがき, 腕白坊主, 悪餓鬼, 賽六, がき, わんぱくこぞう, 悪がき, こじょく, わるガキ, 悪ガキ, 才六, 采六, 腕白小僧, さいろく.

Spanish words for Brat

malcriado, niñato, chiquillo, escuincle.